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15-Jan-2018Joint sensor and relay power control in tracking Gaussian mixture targets by wireless sensor networksBengua, JA; Tuan, HD; Duong, TQ; Vincent Poor, H
1-Dec-2017Precoder design for signal superposition in MIMO-NOMA multicell networksNguyen, VD; Tuan, HD; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV; Shin, OS
14-Nov-2017Modeling and Analysis of Interference for Diffusion-Based Nanoscale Networks with Spatially Distributed TransmittersMai, TC; Hoang, TM; Tuan, HD; Di Renzo, M; Duong, TQ
14-Nov-2017Secure Massive MIMO Amplify-and-Forward Relaying Networks in Poisson FieldHoang, TM; Tuan, HD; Duong, TQ
1-Nov-2017Secure Massive MIMO Relaying Systems in a Poisson Field of EavesdroppersHoang, TM; Duong, TQ; Tuan, HD; Poor, HV
1-Nov-2017Secure and Energy-Efficient Beamforming for Simultaneous Information and Energy TransferNasir, AA; Tuan, HD; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV
1-Nov-2017Superposition Signaling in Broadcast Interference NetworksTuan, HD; Tam, HHM; Nguyen, HH; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV
1-Oct-2017Joint Power Allocation and Beamforming for Energy-Efficient Two-Way Multi-Relay CommunicationsSheng, Z; Tuan, HD; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV
23-Aug-2017Full-Duplex Cyber-Weapon with Massive ArraysNguyen, NP; Ngo, HQ; Duong, TQ; Tuan, HD; da Costa, DB
1-May-2017Spectral and Energy Efficiencies in Full-Duplex Wireless Information and Power TransferNguyen, VD; Duong, TQ; Tuan, HD; Shin, OS; Poor, HV
1-May-2017MIMO Energy Harvesting in Full-Duplex Multi-User NetworksTam, HHM; Tuan, HD; Nasir, AA; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV
19-Apr-2017Energy efficiency maximization for heterogeneous networks: A joint linear precoder design and small-cell switching-off approachNguyen, LD; Duong, TQ; Nguyen, DN; Tran, LN
1-Feb-2017MIMO Beamforming for Secure and Energy-Efficient Wireless CommunicationNghia, NT; Tuan, HD; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV
1-Feb-2017Secrecy Rate Beamforming for Multicell Networks with Information and Energy HarvestingNasir, AA; Tuan, HD; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV
1-Feb-2017Beamforming Design for Wireless Information and Power Transfer Systems: Receive Power-Splitting Versus Transmit Time-SwitchingNasir, AA; Tuan, HD; Ngo, DT; Duong, TQ; Vincent Poor, H
1-Feb-2017Joint Load Balancing and Interference Management for Small-Cell Heterogeneous Networks with Limited Backhaul CapacityTam, HHM; Tuan, HD; Ngo, DT; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV
1-Jan-2016Energy-Efficient Signalling in QoS Constrained Heterogeneous NetworksNguyen, LD; Tuan, HD; Duong, TQ
1-Jun-2012Transcranial imaging of functional cerebral hemodynamic changes in single blood vessels using in vivo photoacoustic microscopyLiao, LD; Lin, CT; Shih, YYI; Duong, TQ; Lai, HY; Wang, PH; Wu, R; Tsang, S; Chang, JY; Li, ML; Chen, YY
1-Jun-2012Investigation of the cerebral hemodynamic response function in single blood vessels by functional photoacoustic microscopyLiao, LD; Lin, CT; Shih, YYI; Lai, HY; Zhao, WT; Duong, TQ; Chang, JY; Chen, YY; Li, ML