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2021-07-01Council-led Business models for EV chargingDwyer, S; Nagrath, K; Wyndham, J; McIntosh, L
2021-06-02An Australian perspective on local government investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructureDwyer, S; Moutou, C; Nagrath, K; Wyndham, J; McIntosh, L; Chapman, D
2021-02-22Fairwater Living Laboratory Milestone 3 Report: Outcomes for Energy, Network Demand, Residents and Community, Resilience, Urban Heat Effects and CommercialityThomas, L; Wilkinson, S; Wyndham, J; Huete, A; Biloria, N; Woods, A; Kalali, P; Powles, R; Zhang, M; Bulut, M; Dritsa, D; Runck, M; Dwyer, S
2021-02-16978-3-319-95863-7Dwyer, S; Leal Filho, W; Marisa Azul, A; Brandli, L; Lange Salvia, A; Wall, T
2020-07-01DER Customer Insights: The Customer JourneyDwyer, S; Alexander, D; Briggs, C; Riedy, C
2020-02-27Scoping study for solar panels and battery system reuse and recycling in NSWFlorin, N; Wakefield-Rann, R; Dominish, E; Dwyer, S; Gertsakis, J; Hartford, N
2020-01-30Fairwater Living Laboratory Milestone 2 ReportThomas, L; Wyndham, J; Huete, A; Woods, A; Tran, N; Runck, M; Nguyen, H; Wilkinson, S; Biloria, N; Dwyer, S
2018-07-01Best of Both Worlds: Renewable Energy and Load Flexibility for Australian Business CustomersDwyer, S; Prendergast, J; Briggs, C; Morris, T
2018-06-21A commercial model for regulating network voltage with customer invertersDwyer, S; James, G
2018-06-17Renewables 2018 Global Status ReportDwyer, S; Teske, S
2018-05-01Supercharging Australia’s Clean Energy Transition: How just 7.7% of super could fund 100% renewables by 2030Dwyer, S; Kim, Y; Kelly, S