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1-Jan-2016Exploring the contribution of design to mobile technology uptake in a remote region of australiaBrady, F; Dyson, LE
2016Framing the Indigenous Mobile RevolutionDyson, LE; Dyson, LE; Grant, S; Hendriks, M
2016Why Mobile? Indigenous People and Mobile Technologies at the EdgeBrady, F; Dyson, LE; Dyson, LE; Grant, S; Hendriks, M
2016Supporting graduate attribute development in introductory accounting with student-generated screencastsFrawley, JK; Dyson, LE; Wakefield, JA; Tyler, JV
2016Tablets@university: The ownership and use of tablet devices by studentsGreen, D; Naidoo, E; Olminkhof, C; Dyson, LE
30-Dec-2014Rewriting, redesigning and reimagining the recipe for more sustainable food systemsFrawley, JK; Dyson, LE; Underwood, J; Robertson, T; O'Hara, K; Loke, L; Wadley, G; Leong, T
1-Dec-2014Facilitating Enhanced Learning in Tutorials through Tablet Computing Enabled Sharing and Annotation TechnologiesDyson, LE; Frawley, JK; Tyler, J; Wakefield, J
1-Dec-2014Mobile Literacies: Navigating Multimodality, Informal Learning Contexts and Personal ICT EcologiesFrawley, JK; Dyson, LE
14-Aug-2014mStories: exploring semiotics and praxis of user-generated mobile storiesFrawley, JK; Dyson, LE
2014Enrolling Mobiles at Kowanyama: Upping the Ant in a Remote Aboriginal CommunityBrady, F; Dyson, LE; Ess, C; van der Velden, M; Strano, M; Fragoso, S
Jan-2013Diseño participativo para la inclusion digital: El caso de los aborígenes australianosGrant, S; Dyson, LE; Robertson, TJ; Paz, L; Malumian, V
Jan-2013Towards a Holistic Framework for Ethical Mobile LearningDyson, LE; Andrews, T; Smyth, R; Wallace, R; Berg, ZL; Muilenburg, LY
Jan-2013A Study of Mobile Technology in a Cape York Community: Its Reality Today and Potential for the FutureDyson, LE; Brady, F; Ormond-Parker, L; Corn, A; Obata, K; O'Sullivan, S
Jan-2013Supporting Practitioners in Implementing Mobile Learning and Overcoming Ethical Concerns: A Scenario-Based ApproachAndrews, T; Dyson, LE; Wishart, J; Power, R
Jan-2013mLearning in Malaysian Universities: Local Ethical Considerations for Mobile Phone UseAriffin, SA; Dyson, LE
Jan-2013Exploring M-Banking for Rural SMEs from the Bank's Perspective: A Focus Group Study in BangladeshAhad, MT; Dyson, LE; Gay, VC; Lee, JN; Mao, JY; Thong, J
Jan-2012Content is king: Malaysian industry experts' point of view on local content for mobile phonesAriffin, SA; Dyson, LE; Hoskins-McKenzie, D
Jan-2012An Empirical Study of Factors Influencing the SME's Intention to Adopt m-Banking in Rural BangladeshAhad, MT; Dyson, LE; Gay, VC
Jan-2012Student perspectives on mLearning for local cultural studies in MalaysiaAriffin, SA; Dyson, LE; Strano, M; Hrachovec, H; Sudweeks, F; Ess, C
Jan-2012Towards an M-banking Framework for Rural SMEs in BangladeshAhad, MT; Dyson, LE; Gay, VC; Soliman, KS; de Juana Espinosa, S