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2019-12-01Outcomes and challenges of an international convention centre's local procurement strategyHarrison, B; Foley, C; Edwards, D; Donaghy, G
2019-08-30Deciding and ChoosingHergesell, A; Dwyer, L; Edwards, D; Pearce, PL
2019-08-01Design, architecture and the value to tourismScerri, M; Edwards, D; Foley, C
2019-05-31Business Event Legacies: JMIC Case Study Project ReportFoley, C; Edwards, D; Jasovska, P; Hergesell, A
2019-01-02A comparative automated content analysis approach on the review of the sharing economy discourse in tourism and hospitalityCheng, M; Edwards, D
2019Modelling Engagement of Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises (SMTEs) in Corporate Social ResponsibilitySchlenker, K; Edwards, D; Watts-Seale, C; Lund-Durlacher, D; Dinica, V; Reiser, D; Fifka, MS
2018-12-01Characterisation of small molecule ligands 4CMTB and 2CTAP as modulators of human FFA2 receptor signallingSchofield, ZV; Croker, D; Robertson, AAB; Massey, NL; Donovan, C; Tee, E; Edwards, D; Woodruff, TM; Halai, R; Hansbro, PM; Cooper, MA
2018-08-01A Tri-Method Approach to a Review of Adventure Tourism Literature: Bibliometric Analysis, Content Analysis, and a Quantitative Systematic Literature ReviewCheng, M; Edwards, D; Darcy, S; Redfern, K
2018-07-20Imagining Collaborative Tourism FuturesLiburd, J; Edwards, D; Liburd, J; Edwards, D
2018-07-20Personal Interest (Ir)Responsible TouristsHergesell, A; Edwards, D; Zins, A; Liburd, J; Edwards, D
2018-07-01Collaboration for Sustainable Tourism DevelopmentLiburd, J; Edwards, DC; Liburd, JJ; Edwards, D
2018IntroductionLiburd, J; Edwards, D; Liburd, J; Edwards, D
2017-10-30The Power of Conferences: stories of serendipity, innovation and driving social changeEdwards, D; Foley, C; Malone, C
2017-01-01Ambassadors of knowledge sharing: Co-produced travel information through tourist-local social media exchangeEdwards, D; Cheng, M; Wong, IKA; Zhang, J; Wu, Q
2016-11-01Chloroplast genomics: Expanding resources for an evolutionary conserved miniature molecule with enigmatic applicationsSablok, G; Mudunuri, SB; Edwards, D; Ralph, PJ
2016-09-01The emergence of molecular profiling and omics techniques in seagrass biology; furthering our understanding of seagrassesDavey, PA; Pernice, M; Sablok, G; Larkum, A; Lee, HT; Golicz, A; Edwards, D; Dolferus, R; Ralph, P
2016-02-08The Economic Impact of Architecture to TourismScerri, M; Edwards, D; Foley, C; Scerri, M; Hui, L
2016-01-01EditorialCoca-Stefaniak, A; Morrison, AM; Edwards, D; Graburn, N; Liu, C; Pearce, P; Ooi, CS; Pearce, DG; Stepchenkova, S; Richards, GW; So, A; Spirou, C; Dinnie, K; Heeley, J; Puczkó, L; Shen, H; Selby, M; Kim, HB; Du, G
2016Measuring Up: Innovation and the Value-Add of ArchitectureBurke, AJ; Reinmuth, G; Horton, T; Edwards, D; Foley, C; Scerri, M; Horn, Z
2015-07-15A novel review approach on adventure tourism scholarshipCheng, M; Edwards, D; Darcy, S