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2023Patients' Use of a Standardized Medication List - A Mixed Methods Study.Eickhoff, C; Müller, U; Thomas, S; Schmidt, C; Hartling, LS; Michael, S; Schulz, M; Bertsche, T
2022-09Patients' perception on generating medication plans in an interprofessional medication management program: a mixed-methods study.Eickhoff, C; Müller, U; Seidling, HM; Lampert, A; Botermann, L; Strunz, AK; Schulz, M
2022-08-06Task sharing in an interprofessional medication management program - a survey of general practitioners and community pharmacists.Moecker, R; Weissenborn, M; Klingenberg, A; Wirbka, L; Fuchs, A; Eickhoff, C; Mueller, U; Schulz, M; Kaufmann-Kolle, P; ARMIN Study Group,; Haefeli, WE; Seidling, HM
2021-01-20Primary healthcare policy and vision for community pharmacy and pharmacists in Germany.Eickhoff, C; Griese-Mammen, N; Müeller, U; Said, A; Schulz, M
2018-09Der bundeseinheitliche Medikationsplan in der Praxis [Standardized national medication plan : The pilot projects MetropolMediplan 2016, model region Erfurt, and PRIMA].Dormann, H; Maas, R; Eickhoff, C; Müller, U; Schulz, M; Brell, D; Thürmann, PA; MetropolMediplan 2016,; Modellregion Erfurt,; PRIMA,
2016-10Evaluating patients' comprehensibility of a standardized medication plan.Botermann, L; Monzel, K; Krueger, K; Eickhoff, C; Wachter, A; Kloft, C; Laufs, U; Schulz, M
2016Patients' handling of a standardized medication plan: a pilot study and method development.Botermann, L; Krueger, K; Eickhoff, C; Kloft, C; Schulz, M