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2021-02-12Implementation of circular economy principles during pre-construction stage: the case of Sri LankaWijewansha, AS; Tennakoon, GA; Waidyasekara, KGAS; Ekanayake, BJ
2020-12-31Drivers and Barriers of Using Intrenet of Things for Successful Lean Implementation in Construction Projects in Sri LankaSandagomika, NMGH; Sandanayake, YG; Ekanayake, BJ
2020-03-03Key performance indicators of value management in the Sri Lankan construction industryMadushika, WHS; Perera, BAKS; Ekanayake, BJ; Shen, GQP
2019-11-08Significance of whole life embodied energy and embodied carbon of wall materials compared to their initial/maintenance costsAnuradha, IGN; Perera, BAKS; Ekanayake, BJ
2019-11-08Bridging the theory-practice gap in value management in Sri Lankan construction industryMahinkanda, MMMP; Sandanayake, YG; Ekanayake, BJ
2019-09-06Revisiting the role of professionals in designing buildings with low embodied and operational energyTennakoon, GA; Waidyasekara, A; Ekanayake, BJ
2019-08-09Occupant perceptions on the thermal comfort guidelines in air-conditioned offices in Colombo, Sri LankaRodrigo, GA; Perera, BAKS; Ekanayake, BJ
2019-03-08A study on variation-specific disputes that arise in road projects in Sri Lanka: a qualitative approachPerera, BAKS; Ekanayake, BJ; Jayalath, C; Jayathilaka, GRH
2018-05Total Quality Management Implementation in Sri Lankan Construction Industry : A Study of Small and Medium Sized EnterprisesWickramarachchi, HR; Sandanayake, YG; Ekanayake, BJ