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2023-08European Respiratory Society clinical practice guideline: palliative care for people with COPD or interstitial lung disease.Janssen, DJA; Bajwah, S; Boon, MH; Coleman, C; Currow, DC; Devillers, A; Vandendungen, C; Ekström, M; Flewett, R; Greenley, S; Guldin, M-B; Jácome, C; Johnson, MJ; Kurita, GP; Maddocks, M; Marques, A; Pinnock, H; Simon, ST; Tonia, T; Marsaa, K
2023-03Is being able to walk to the letterbox life-changing? A qualitative assessment of measures of improvement in persistent breathlessness.Ferreira, DH; Ekström, M; Verberkt, C; Janssen, DJA; Currow, DC
2023-03Hiding in plain sight: the evolving definition of chronic breathlessness and new ICD-11 wording.Kochovska, S; Ekström, M; Hansen-Flaschen, J; Ferreira, D; Similowski, T; Johnson, MJ; Currow, DC
2023-03Testosterone Levels in People Taking Regular Low-Dose Sustained-Release Morphine for Persisting Breathlessness: An Exploratory Study.Ferreira, DH; Ekström, M; Fazekas, B; Currow, DC
2023Associations in Perceived Health and Persistent Breathlessness: A Cross-Sectional Study.Kochovska, S; Chang, S; Olsson, M; Ekström, M; Currow, DC
2022-11-22Effect of Regular, Low-Dose, Extended-release Morphine on Chronic Breathlessness in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: The BEAMS Randomized Clinical Trial.Ekström, M; Ferreira, D; Chang, S; Louw, S; Johnson, MJ; Eckert, DJ; Fazekas, B; Clark, KJ; Agar, MR; Currow, DC; Australian National Palliative Care Clinical Studies Collaborative,
2022-11-10The effect of regular, low-dose, sustained-release morphine on routine physical activity in people with persistent breathlessness- a hypothesis-generating study.Ferreira, DH; Johnson, MJ; Janssen, D; Ekström, M; Currow, DC
2022-10-06Invisibility of breathlessness in clinical consultations: a cross-sectional, national online survey.Kochovska, S; Chang, S; Ferreira, D; Brunelli, VN; Luckett, T; Morgan, L; Johnson, MJ; Ekström, M; Currow, DC
2022-10Comparing recalled versus experienced symptoms of breathlessness ratings: An ecological assessment study using mobile phone technology.Sandberg, J; Sundh, J; Anderberg, P; Currow, DC; Johnson, M; Lansing, R; Ekström, M
2022-08Minimally Clinically Important Improvements (MCII) and Worsening (MCIW) in Symptoms.Ferreira, DH; Ekström, M; Huang, C; Currow, DC
2022-05Persisting breathlessness and activities reduced or ceased: a population study in older men.Kochovska, S; Currow, D; Chang, S; Johnson, M; Ferreira, D; Morgan, D; Olsson, M; Ekström, M
2021-11Breathlessness dimensions association with physical and mental quality of life: the population based VASCOL study of elderly men.Cristea, L; Olsson, M; Currow, D; Johnson, M; Sandberg, J; Ekström, M
2021-10-11Health service utilisation associated with chronic breathlessness: random population sample.Currow, DC; Chang, S; Ekström, M; Hutchinson, A; Luckett, T; Kochovska, S; Hay, P; Touyz, S; Dal Grande, E; Johnson, MJ
2021-03-25Minimal clinically important differences for Dyspnea-12 and MDP scores are similar at 2 weeks and 6 months: follow-up of a longitudinal clinical study.Ekström, M; Bornefalk, H; Sköld, CM; Janson, C; Blomberg, A; Sandberg, J; Bornefalk-Hermansson, A; Currow, DC; Johnson, MJ; Sundh, J
2021-03-17Sleeping-related distress in a palliative care population: A national, prospective, consecutive cohort.Currow, DC; Davis, W; Connolly, A; Krishnan, A; Wong, A; Webster, A; Barnes-Harris, MM; Daveson, B; Ekström, M
2021-01Indications and patterns of use of benzodiazepines and opioids in severe interstitial lung disease: a population-based longitudinal study.Genberg, J; Davies, JM; Ahmadi, Z; Currow, D; Johnson, MJ; Tanash, H; Bajwah, S; Ekström, M
2020-10No gender-related bias in COPD diagnosis and treatment in Sweden: a randomised, controlled, case-based trial.Akbarshahi, H; Ahmadi, Z; Currow, DC; Sandberg, J; Vandersman, Z; Shanon-Honson, A; Ekström, M
2020-09-03COVID-19: guidance on palliative care from a European Respiratory Society international task force.Janssen, DJA; Ekström, M; Currow, DC; Johnson, MJ; Maddocks, M; Simonds, AK; Tonia, T; Marsaa, K
2020-08-13Minimal clinically important differences in average, best, worst and current intensity and unpleasantness of chronic breathlessness.Ekström, M; Johnson, MJ; Huang, C; Currow, DC
2020-08-01Activities Forgone because of Chronic Breathlessness: A Cross-Sectional Population Prevalence StudyKochovska, S; Chang, S; Morgan, DD; Ferreira, D; Sidhu, M; Saleh Moussa, R; Johnson, MJ; Ekström, M; Currow, DC