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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-03On groups presented by inverse-closed finite confluent length-reducing rewriting systemsElder, M; Piggott, A
2022-11-24On $k$-geodetic graphs and groupsElder, M; Piggott, A; Townsend, K
2022-10-17A virtually 2-step nilpotent group with polynomial geodesic growthElder, M; Bishop, A
2022The Isomorphism Problem for Plain Groups Is in ∑₃PElder, M; Dietrich, H; Piggott, A; Qiao, Y; Berenbrink, P; Monmege, B
2021-12Rewriting systems, plain groups, and geodetic graphsElder, M; Piggott, A
2021-10-03The isomorphism problem for plain groups is in $Σ_3^{\mathsf{P}}$Dietrich, H; Elder, M; Piggott, A; Qiao, Y; Weiß, A
2021-05Cayley polynomial–time computable groupsBerdinsky, D; Elder, M; Kruengthomya, P
2021-03-26k-Pop Stack Sortable Permutations and 2-AvoidanceElder, M; Goh, YK
2019-07-01Solutions sets to systems of equations in hyperbolic groups are EDT0L in PSPACECiobanu, L; Elder, M
2019-05-01On a theorem of AvezElder, M; Rogers, C
2019-01-02Sub-dominant Cogrowth Behavior and the Viability of Deciding Amenability NumericallyElder, M; Rogers, C
2019-01-01Bounded Automata Groups are co-ET0LBishop, A; Elder, M
2018-03-01Applications of L systems to group theoryCiobanu, L; Elder, M; Ferov, M
2018-01-01Permutations Sorted by a Finite and an infinite stack in seriesElder, M; Goh, YK
2017-12-26Totally disconnected groups from baumslag-solitar groupsElder, M; Willis, G
2017-07-01Solutions of twisted word equations, EDT0L languages, and context-free groupsDiekert, V; Elder, M
2016-08-01Solution sets for equations over free groups are EDT0L languagesCiobanu, L; Diekert, V; Elder, M
2016-05-01Thompson's group F is 1-counter graph automaticElder, M; Taback, J
2016-01-01Permutations of context-free, ET0L and indexed languagesBrough, T; Ciobanu, L; Elder, M; Zetzsche, G
2015-04-29Permutations generated by a depth 2 stack and an infinite stack in series are algebraicElder, M; Lee, G; Rechnitzer, A