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2022-12Exploration of a rapid response team model of care: A descriptive dual methods study.Shiell, A; Fry, M; Elliott, D; Elliott, R
2022Swallowing and communication recovery following severe sepsis: Scores studyFreeman-Sanderson, A; Thompson, K; Rogers, K; Elliott, D; Elkins, M; Brodsky, M; Bass, F; Leung, QK; Goodman, F; Grattan, S; Hammond, N
2021-10Design of Clinical Trials Evaluating Sedation in Critically Ill Adults Undergoing Mechanical Ventilation: Recommendations From Sedation Consortium on Endpoints and Procedures for Treatment, Education, and Research (SCEPTER) Recommendation III.Ward, DS; Absalom, AR; Aitken, LM; Balas, MC; Brown, DL; Burry, L; Colantuoni, E; Coursin, D; Devlin, JW; Dexter, F; Dworkin, RH; Egan, TD; Elliott, D; Egerod, I; Flood, P; Fraser, GL; Girard, TD; Gozal, D; Hopkins, RO; Kress, J; Maze, M; Needham, DM; Pandharipande, P; Riker, R; Sessler, DI; Shafer, SL; Shehabi, Y; Spies, C; Sun, LS; Tung, A; Urman, RD
2021-09-28Exploration and model development for emergency department waiting room nurse role: Synthesis of a three-phase sequential mixed methods study.Innes, K; Jackson, D; Plummer, V; Elliott, D
2021-08-18Applying real-time Delphi methods: development of a pain management survey in emergency nursingVarndell, W; Fry, M; Elliott, D
2021-05Exposure to workplace trauma for forensic mental health nurses: A scoping review.Newman, C; Roche, M; Elliott, D
2021-01-01Understanding the motivation of nurses volunteering for non-disaster humanitarian serviceDawson, S; Jackson, D; Elliott, D
2021-01-01Use of the Delphi method to generate guidance in emergency nursing practice: A systematic review.Varndell, W; Fry, M; Lutze, M; Elliott, D
2020-12-22Basic Life Support Training for undergraduate nursing students: An integrative review.Dick-Smith, F; Power, T; Martinez-Maldonado, R; Elliott, D
2020-03-18Teacher tracking with integrity: What indoor positioning can reveal about instructional proxemicsMartinez-Maldonado, R; Mangaroska, K; Schulte, J; Elliott, D; Axisa, C; Shum, SB
2020-03Comparing Real-Time Feedback Modalities to Support Optimal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for Undergraduate Nursing Students: A Quasi-Experimental Cross-Over Simulation StudyDick-Smith, F; Elliott, D; Martinez-Maldonado, R; Power, T
2020-01-01Designing translucent learning analytics with teachers: an elicitation processMartinez-Maldonado, R; Elliott, D; Axisa, C; Power, T; Echeverria, V; Buckingham Shum, S
2020Intensive care nurses on social media: An exploration of knowledge exchange on an intensive care virtual community of practice.Rolls, KD; Hansen, MM; Jackson, D; Elliott, D
2019-12-01The knowledge and learning needs of health professionals in providing support for parents of premature babies at home: A mixed-methods studyPetty, J; Whiting, L; Mosenthal, A; Fowler, C; Elliott, D; Green, J
2019-06-01The forgotten mothers of extremely preterm babies: A qualitative studyFowler, C; Green, J; Elliott, D; Petty, J; Whiting, L
2019-04-24Premature birth and Indigenous Australians – a commentaryHogan, R; Phillips, A; Green, J; Orr, F; Elliott, D; Fowler, C
2019-03-01A profile of the waiting room nurse in emergency departments: An online survey of Australian nurses exploring implementation and perceptionsInnes, K; Jackson, D; Plummer, V; Elliott, D
2019-03-01Cognitive impairment in intensive care unit patients: A pilot mixed-methods feasibility study exploring incidence and experiences for recovering patientsElliott, R; Yarad, E; Webb, S; Cheung, K; Bass, F; Hammond, N; Elliott, D
2019-01-01Making the design of cscl analytics interfaces a co-design process: The case of multimodal teamwork in healthcareMartinez-Maldonado, R; Echeverria, V; Elliott, D; Axisa, C; Power, T; Shum, SB
2019-01-01Challenges and reflections from an international, humanitarian, short-term surgical mission on collecting ethnographic data in a remote environmentDawson, S; Jackson, D; Elliott, D