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2023-11Barriers and enablers for safe medication administration in adult and neonatal intensive care units mapped to the behaviour change wheel.Dick-Smith, F; Fry, MF; Salter, R; Tinker, M; Leith, G; Donoghoe, S; Harris, C; Murphy, S; Elliott, R
2023-08-02A Survey of Community Nurses' Knowledge and Strategies Used to Relieve Breathlessness in People with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.Curran, J; Elliott, R; Fry, M
2023-05-02Expanding health technology assessment towards broader value: Ireland as a case study.Kinchin, I; Walshe, V; Normand, C; Coast, J; Elliott, R; Kroll, T; Kinghorn, P; Thompson, A; Viney, R; Currow, D; O'Mahony, JF
2023-04-01Causes, Consequences, and Treatments of Sleep and Circadian Disruption in the ICU: An Official American Thoracic Society Research Statement.Knauert, MP; Ayas, NT; Bosma, KJ; Drouot, X; Heavner, MS; Owens, RL; Watson, PL; Wilcox, ME; Anderson, BJ; Cordoza, ML; Devlin, JW; Elliott, R; Gehlbach, BK; Girard, TD; Kamdar, BB; Korwin, AS; Lusczek, ER; Parthasarathy, S; Spies, C; Sunderram, J; Telias, I; Weinhouse, GL; Zee, PC
2023-04-01Association Between Preexisting Mental Health Disorders and Adverse Outcomes in Adult Intensive Care Patients: A Data Linkage Study.Pilowsky, JK; Elliott, R; Roche, MA
2022-12Exploration of a rapid response team model of care: A descriptive dual methods study.Shiell, A; Fry, M; Elliott, D; Elliott, R
2022-11Provision of care in critical care: A multifaceted gem of an issue.Elliott, R; Freeman-Sanderson, A
2022-10The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on critical care health care professionals work practices and wellbeing: A qualitative studyElliott, R; BachSW, LC; Pollock, W; Hammond, NE
2022-08-31Long-Term Outcomes: Sleep in Survivors of Critical IllnessMcKinley, S; Elliott, R; Stedman, W; Pilowsky, J
2022Richards Campbell sleep questionnaire cut-off scores for good quality sleep in non-ventilated ICU patientsRitmala, M; Elliott, R; Vahlberg, T; Richards, K; Axelin, A
2021-09-01Critical care health professionals' self-reported needs for wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic: A thematic analysis of survey responses.Elliott, R; Crowe, L; Abbenbroek, B; Grattan, S; Hammond, NE
2021-08Short-term physical health effects of sleep disruptions attributed to the acute hospital environment: a systematic review.Elliott, R; Chawla, A; Wormleaton, N; Harrington, Z
2021-07-12The role and contribution of family carers accompanying community-living older people with cognitive impairment to the emergency department: An interview study.Fry, M; Elliott, R; Murphy, S; Curtis, K
2021-06-08Interventions for the discharge of older people to their home from the emergency department: a systematic review.Elliott, R; Mei, J; Wormleaton, N; Fry, M
2021-05-12Australian critical care nurses’ knowledge, preparedness and experiences of managing SARS-COV-2 and COVID-19 pandemicNahidi, S; Sotomayor-Castillo, C; Li, C; Currey, J; Elliott, R; Shaban, RZ
2021-05Family members' perceptions of older person discharge from emergency departments.Fry, M; Elliott, R; Curtis, K; Mei, J; Fitzpatrick, L; Groth, R; Murphy, S; Jones, K; Hofman, C
2021-01-10Pre-existing mental health disorders in patients admitted to the intensive care unit: A systematic review and meta-analysis of prevalence.Pilowsky, JK; Elliott, R; Roche, MA
2021-01-01Patient and nurse perceptions of an innovative TV wellness channel in an acute medical ward: A feasibility studyRussell, S; Ripley, V; Elliott, R; Barnes, C
2021Impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic on critical care healthcare workers' depression, anxiety, and stress levels.Hammond, NE; Crowe, L; Abbenbroek, B; Elliott, R; Tian, DH; Donaldson, LH; Fitzgerald, E; Flower, O; Grattan, S; Harris, R; Sayers, L; Delaney, A
2020-12-31Psychological capital, wellbeing and patient safety attitudes of nurses and midwives: a cross-sectional survey.Elliott, R; Fry, M