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2024-03Celebrating 150 volumes of Parasitology with an outlook towards 2030 production.Ellis, JT; Stothard, JR
2024-03Observations on the transmission of Dientamoeba fragilis and the cyst life cycle stage.Hall, LM; Munasinghe, VS; Vella, NGF; Ellis, JT; Stark, D
2023-10-20Bibliometric analysis of parasite vaccine research from 1990 to Couvreur, LA; Cobo, MJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
2023-05-22A state-of-the-art methodology for high-throughput in silico vaccine discovery against protozoan parasites and exemplified with discovered candidates for Toxoplasma gondii.Goodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
2023-02-20A guide to current methodology and usage of reverse vaccinology towards in silico vaccine discovery.Goodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
2023Twitter trends in #Parasitology determined by text mining and topic modelling.Ellis, JT; Reichel, MP
2022-10Updates on Parasitology and adopting a Gold Open Access model of production.Stothard, JR; Ellis, JT
2022-06-20Compilation of parasitic immunogenic proteins from 30 years of published research using machine learning and natural language processing.Goodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
2021-07-23Predicting Protein Therapeutic Candidates for Bovine Babesiosis Using Secondary Structure Properties and Machine LearningGoodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
2021-05-27Applying Machine Learning to Predict the Exportome of Bovine and Canine Babesia Species That Cause BabesiosisGoodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
2021-03-16Machine learning and applications in microbiologyGoodswen, SJ; Barratt, JLN; Kennedy, PJ; Kaufer, A; Calarco, L; Ellis, JT
2021-01Computational Antigen Discovery for Eukaryotic Pathogens Using Vacceed.Goodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
2021The controversies surrounding Giardia intestinalis assemblages A and BZajaczkowski, P; Lee, R; Fletcher-Lartey, SM; Alexander, K; Mahimbo, A; Stark, D; Ellis, JT
2020-1230 years of parasitology research analysed by text mining.Ellis, JT; Ellis, B; Velez-Estevez, A; Reichel, MP; Cobo, MJ
2020-06-23Research into Neospora caninum-What Have We Learnt in the Last Thirty Years?Reichel, MP; Wahl, LC; Ellis, JT
2019-06-01Evaluation of the EasyScreen Protozoan Detection Kit for the diagnosis of Entamoeba histolyticaCao, M; Ellis, JT; Marriott, D; Harkness, J; Stark, D
2019-01-01Epidemiology and associated risk factors of giardiasis in a peri-urban setting in New South Wales AustraliaZajaczkowski, P; Mazumdar, S; Conaty, S; Ellis, JT; Fletcher-Lartey, SM
2018-08-20A gene-based positive selection detection approach to identify vaccine candidates using Toxoplasma gondii as a test case protozoan pathogenGoodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
2017-10-01On the application of reverse vaccinology to parasitic diseases: a perspective on feature selection and ranking of vaccine candidatesGoodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
2016-07-01Dientamoeba fragilis, the neglected trichomonad of the human bowelStark, D; Barratt, J; Chan, D; Ellis, JT