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2021Dielectric-Free Cells for Low-Cost Near-Field Phase Shifting MetasurfacesAhmed, F; Hayat, T; Afzal, MU; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP
2020-12-01Optically Transparent Flexible Robust Circularly Polarized Antenna for UHF RFID TagsSayem, ASM; Le, D; Simorangkir, RBVB; Bjorninen, T; Esselle, KP; Hashmi, RM; Zhadobov, M
2020-09-01Recent developments and state of the art in flexible and conformal reconfigurable antennasMohamadzade, B; Simorangkir, RBVB; Maric, S; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP; Hashmi, RM
2020-08-01A System-Level Overview of Near-Field Meta-SteeringAfzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Lalbakhsh, A
2020-07-08A Low-profile and Efficient Front-End Antenna for Point-to-Point Wireless Communication LinksKoli, NY; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Hashmi, RM; Islam, MZ
2020-07-05Recent Advances in Near-Field Meta-SteeringAfzal, MU; Esselle, KP
2020-05-13A Low Profile, UWB Circular Patch Antenna with Monopole-Like Radiation CharacteristicsMohamadzade, B; Simorangkir, RBVB; Hashmi, RM; Esselle, KP
2020-04-09Low-Cost All-Metal Resonant-Cavity Antenna for High Power ApplicationsAhmed, F; Afzal, MU; Hayatt, T; Esselle, KP
2020-04-09A Double Layer Circularly Polarised Radial Line Slot Array Antenna with Uniform Aperture IlluminationKoli, NY; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Hashmi, RM; Islam, MZ; Shrestha, S
2020-02-013D printable lightweight porous superstrate for improved radiation performance of antennaHayat, T; Afzal, MU; Ahmed, F; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP
2020A Binary-switch Controlled Periodic Half-width Leaky-wave Antenna for Fixed Frequency Beam Steering near the Endfire RegionKarmokar, DK; Bird, TS; Guo, YJ; Esselle, KP
2019-12Compact Beam-Steered Resonant-Cavity Antenna Using Near-Field Phase TransformationAfzal, MU; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP
2019-09-01Antenna beam steering by near-field phase transformation: Comparison between phase transforming printed metasurfaces and graded-dielectric platesAfzal, MU; Lalbakhsh, A; Koli, NY; Esselle, KP
2019-09-01Recent Progress on Development of Near-Field Structures for Radio-Frequency Front-End AntennasAfzal, MU; Lalbakhsh, A; Hayat, T; Esselle, KP
2019-07-013-D-Printed Phase-Rectifying Transparent Superstrate for Resonant-Cavity AntennaHayat, T; Afzal, MU; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP
2019-07-01Broadband Partially Reflecting Superstrate-Based Antenna for 60 GHz ApplicationsBaba, AA; Hashmi, RM; Esselle, KP; Marin, JG; Hesselbarth, J
2019-03-01Single-dielectric wideband partially reflecting surface with variable reflection components for realization of a compact high-gain resonant cavity antennaLalbakhsh, A; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Smith, SL; Zeb, BA
2019-02-27Wideband and high-gain circularly polarised microstrip antenna design using sandwiched metasurfaces and partially reflecting surfaceSrivastava, K; Kumar, A; Chaudhary, P; Kanaujia, BK; Dwari, S; Verma, AK; Esselle, KP; Mittra, R
2019-02-15Eddy current-tunneling magneto-resistive sensor for micromotion detection of a tibial orthopaedic implantKhokle, RP; Franco, F; De Freitas, SC; Esselle, KP; Heimlich, MC; Bokor, DJ
2019-01-01Additively Manufactured Perforated Superstrate to Improve Directive Radiation Characteristics of Electromagnetic SourceHayat, T; Afzal, MU; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP