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2020-10-01A Method to Develop Flexible Robust Optically Transparent Unidirectional Antennas Utilizing Pure Water, PDMS, and Transparent Conductive MeshSayem ASM; Simorangkir RBVB; Esselle KP; Hashmi RM; Liu H
2020-08-01Distinguished Lectures on Radio Astronomy and Training the Next Generation [Distinguished Lecturers]Esselle KP
2020-08-01Experimental studies of the robustness of the conductive-mesh-polymer composite towards the development of conformal and transparent antennasSayem ASM; Esselle KP; Hashmi RM; Liu H
2020-05-01A Millimeter-Wave Antenna System for Wideband 2-D Beam SteeringBaba AA; Hashmi RM; Esselle KP; Attygalle M; Borg D
2020-03-01Controlling the Most Significant Grating Lobes in Two-Dimensional Beam-Steering Systems with Phase-Gradient MetasurfacesSingh K; Afzal MU; Kovaleva M; Esselle KP
2020-01-01An All-Metal High-Gain Radial-Line Slot-Array Antenna for Low-Cost Satellite Communication SystemsKoli MNY; Afzal MU; Esselle KP; Hashmi RM
2020-01-01Beam-Scanning Antenna Based on Near-Electric Field Phase Transformation and Refraction of Electromagnetic Wave Through Dielectric StructuresAfzal MU; Matekovits L; Esselle KP; Lalbakhsh A
2020-01-01A Radial Line Slot-Array Antenna With Low Side Lobes and a Uniform-Phase, Tapered-Amplitude Aperture Field DistributionKoli MNY; Afzal MU; Esselle KP; Hashmi RM
2020-01-01Cross-Entropy Method for Design and Optimization of Pixelated MetasurfacesKovaleva M; Bulger D; Esselle KP