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Nov-2017Process evaluation of a primary healthcare validation study of a culturally adapted depression screening tool for use by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: study protocolFarnbach, S; Evans, J; Eades, A-M; Gee, G; Fernando, J; Hammond, B; Simms, M; DeMasi, K; Hackett, M
1-Jan-2017A New Insight into the World Economic Forum Global RisksEvans, J; Allan, N; Cantle, N
2017Numeracy skills and the numerate environment: Affordances and demandsEvans, J; Yasukawa, K; Mallows, D; Creese, B
2017A comparative analysis of national media responses to the OECD Survey of Adult Skills: policy making from the global to the local?Yasukawa, K; Hamilton, M; Evans, J
Nov-2016Results From Australia's 2016 Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth.Schranz, NK; Olds, T; Boyd, R; Evans, J; Gomersall, SR; Hardy, L; Hesketh, K; Lubans, DR; Ridgers, ND; Straker, L; Vella, S; Ziviani, J; Tomkinson, GR
2015Critically reading the OECD survey of adult skillsYasukawa, K; Evans, J; Mukhopadhyay, S; Greer, B
2014Hedging long-dated interest rate derivatives for Australian pension funds and life insurersFergusson, K; Platen, E; Evans, J; Asher, A; Browne, B; Kyng, T; Musulin, R; Pitt, D
Jan-2013Critical Perspectives on Adults' Mathematics EducationEvans, J; Wedege, T; Yasukawa, K; Clements, MAK; Bishop, A; Kilpatrick, J; Leung, FKS
Jan-2013Aboriginal Sovereignty: A Practical RoadmapBehrendt, LY; Evans, J; Genovese, A; Reilly, A; Wolfe, P
Jan-2012Bridging Communities Foundations For The Interchange Of IdeasEvans, J; Faulkhead, S; Manaszewicz, R; Thorpe, KA