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1-Jun-2018Learning as transformation in the development of expertise by elite indigenous Australian athletesLight, RL; Evans, JR
1-Jun-2018Physical activity among indigenous Australian children and youth in remote and non-remote areasEvans, JR; Wilson, R; Coleman, C; Man, WYN; Olds, T
1-Jan-2018Stories of indigenous success in Australian sport: Journeys to the AFL and NRLLight, R; Evans, JR
2018Implementing Sport, Physical Activity and Physical Education in New South Wales, Australia, primary schoolsEvans, JR; Curry, C
3-Oct-2017Socialisation, culture and the foundations of expertise in elite level Indigenous Australian sportsmenLight, RL; Evans, JR
24-Aug-2016Culturally responsive relationships focused pedagogies: The key to quality teaching and creating quality learning environmentsBurgess, CM; Evans, JR
1-Feb-2015Australian Indigenous youth's participation in sport and associated health outcomes: Empirical analysis and implicationsDalton, B; Wilson, R; Evans, JR; Cochrane, S
1-Jan-2015Indigenous Participation in Australian Sport: The Perils of the 'Panacea' PropositionEvans, JR; Wilson, R; Dalton, B; Georgakis, S
13-Nov-2014Putting habitus to work in research on how coaches learn through experience: Identifying a coaching habitusLight, RL; Evans, JR
1-May-2013Dispositions of elite-level Australian rugby coaches towards game sense: Characteristics of their coaching habitusLight, RL; Evans, JR
1-Jan-2013The nature and importance of coach–player relationships in the uptake of Game Sense by elite rugby coaches in Australia and New ZealandEvans, JR
Jan-2011The Importance Of Energy Balance In Improving Photosynthetic ProductivityKramer, D; Evans, JR