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2023-03-15Film and Television MusicKeogh, B; Evans, M; Partridge, C; Moberg, M
2021-07-31H1 Opportunity Assessment: Residential Solar Pre-cooling Opportunity Assessment: Final report November 2021Wilmot, K; Wang, S; Rutowitz, J; Chen, D; white, S; Miller, W; Ma, Y; Susilawati, C; Arlinkasari, F; Heslop, S; McGill, I; Bruce, A; Lau, T; Bruno, F; Boland, J; Evans, M
2020-11-24The singing voice used to evoke unease, discomfort and violenceGiuffre, E; Thorley, M; Evans, M; Huges, D
2020Before #MeToo: Hearing VulnerabilityEvans, M; Hughes, D; Evans, M; Hughes, D
2020The Singing Voice in Contemporary CinemaEvans, M; Hughes, D; Evans, M; Hughes, D
2019-08-23Trust and the ConstitutionHobbs, H; Williams, G; Evans, M; Grattan, M; McCaffrie, B
2019-01-01Improvisation and Reciprocal Design: Soundplay for DementiaKenning, G; Ilsar, A; Brankaert, R; Evans, M
2019-01-01The future foreign correspondentBebawi, S; Evans, M
2017-04-06Popular Music and the Religious ScreenKeogh, BG; Evans, M; Christopher Patridge; Marcus Moberg
2017Ron Hubbard's Foray into the World of MusicEvans, M; Kent, S; Raine, S
2016-08-18The New Music Industries Disruption and DiscoveryHughes, D; Evans, M; Morrow, G; Keith, S
2016-08-01Design for behaviour change as a driver for Sustainable Innovation: Challenges and opportunities for implementation in the private and public sectorsNiedderer, K; Ludden, G; Clune, SJ; Lockton, D; Mackrill, J; Morris, A; Cain, R; Gardiner, E; Evans, M; Gutteridge, R; Hekkert, P
2016-02-01Sounding Funny: The Importance of Hearing the JokeGiuffre, E; Evans, M; Evans, M; Hayward, P
2016-02-01"Austin Powers: Intentional Music Man"Evans, M; Giuffre, E; Evans, M; Hayward, P
2014A "duty of care" and the professional musician / artistHughes, D; Evans, M; Keith, S; Morrow, G
2013-10'What Constitutes Artist Success in the Australian Music Industries?'Evans, M; Hughes; Keith; Morrow; Crowdy
2013-01Bringing Action into View: Provocation and Ambiguity in Touch and Talk sessionsRobinson, TM; Nimkulrat, N; Neidderer, K; Evans, M