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30-Sep-2017Australia: Constitutional responses to religious rightsVarnham, S; Evers, M; Meix Cereceda, P; de Groof, J
2-Jan-2017The importance of ethics in the law curriculum: Essential or incidental?Evers, M; Townsley, L
22-Nov-2016As barristers embrace technology, it is a brave new world for their clerksRyan, PA; Evers, M
1-Jan-2016Resilience and wellbeing programmes the practical legal training experienceBourke, J; Evers, M
30-Sep-2015Valuing their Voices: Student Participation in Decision Making in Australian SchoolsVarnham, S; Evers, M; Booth, T; Avgoustinos, C
2014Democracy in Schools: Encouraging Responsibility and citizenship through student participation in school decision makingVarnham, S; Evers, M; Booth, T; Avgoustinos, C
1-Mar-2011Looking to the past to plan for the future: A decade of practical legal trainingEvers, M; Olliffe, B; Pettit, R
Jan-2011Are you the person who...? Reflections on the challenges and opportunities of the role of student ombudsmen in an Australian universityVarnham, S; Evers, M
Jan-2011Let's Ask the Kids! - Practising Citizenship and Democracy in Australian SchoolsVarnham, S; Booth, T; Evers, M
1-Jun-2010The requirement that lawyers certify reasonable prospects of success: Must 21st century lawyers boldly go where no lawyer has gone before?Stewart, P; Evers, M
1-Sep-2009Secular, singular and self-expression? Religious freedom in australian and New Zealand educationVarnham, S; Evers, M
Jan-2009The duties of in-house counsel: The bold, the bright and the blurred?Evers, M; Harris, J
Jan-2008The Ethics of Collaborative PracticeEvers, M
Jan-2005Children of the 21st Century: Are they skilled in the art of negotiation?Evers, M