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2022-05-30The Responsive and Constitutive Character of Transdisciplinarity: Consequences for Higher EducationVilsmaier, U; Fam, D
2022-04-14The rise of transdisciplinary ‘boundary organisations’ within the Australian Tertiary Education sector: Beyond the disciplined universitySebastian, I; Fam, D; Prior, J; Baptista, B; Klein, J
2021-04-01Conceptualising transdisciplinary integration as a multidimensional interactive processPohl, C; Klein, JT; Hoffmann, S; Mitchell, C; Fam, D
2021Theoretical and empirical perspectives on failure: An introductionO'Rourke, M; Fam, D; Fam, D; O'Rourke, M
2021Tertiary institutions and transdisciplinary living labs as a safe space to fall and skin your kneesFam, D; Mellick Lopes, A; Mitchell, C; Fam, D; O'Rourke, M
2021Transdisciplinary learning within tertiary institutions-A space to skin your kneesFam, D; Lopes, AM; Mitchell, C
2020-12-24Organics RevolutionJazbec, M; Turner, A; Madden, B; Fam, D
2020-01-31Guide for Creating Stakeholder Engagement Plans for Contaminated Sites in NSWPrior, J; Fam, D; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Connon, I
2020-01-01Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research and practice: Balancing expectations of the ‘old’ academy with the future model of universities as ‘problem solvers’Fam, D; Clarke, E; Freeth, R; Derwort, P; Klaniecki, K; Kater-Wettstädt, L; Juarez-Bourke, S; Hilser, S; Peukert, D; Meyer, E; Horcea-Milcu, AI
2020-01-01The Transdisciplinary Living Lab Model (TDLL)Fam, D; Lopes, AM; Ross, K; Crosby, A
2020-01-01Assessing research impact potential: using the transdisciplinary Outcome Spaces Framework with New Zealand’s National Science ChallengesDuncan, R; Robson-Williams, M; Fam, D
2020-01-01Routine exposure: social practices and environmental health risks in the homeWakefield-Rann, R; Fam, D; Stewart, S
2020The Transdisciplinary Living Lab Model (TDLL)Fam, D; Mellick Lopes, A; Ross, K; Crosby, A
2019-12-06Exploring Julie Thompson Klein's Framework to Analyze Boundary Work, Special Issue: Engaging and Extending the Work of Julie Thompson Klein,Pohl, C; Fam, D; Hoffman, S; Mitchell, C
2019-12-06Exploring Julie Thompson Klein's Framework for Analysis of Boundary WorkPohl, C; Fam, D; Hoffman, S; Mitchell, C
2019-08-30Organix19 - Managing organics waste in a circular economyTurner, A; Fam, D; Jacobs, BC; Jazbec, M
2019-04-30Societal perceptions on remediation technologies: Guidance for engagement with residentsPrior, JH; Fam, D
2019-04-29Engaging creatively with tension in collaborative researchClarke, E; Freeth, R; Fam, D
2019-01-01A stakeholder visioning exercise to enhance chronic care and the integration of community pharmacy servicesFranco-Trigo, L; Tudball, J; Fam, D; Benrimoj, SI; Sabater-Hernández, D
2019-01-01Microbes, chemicals and the health of homes: integrating theories to account for more-than-human entanglementsWakefield-Rann, R; Fam, D; Stewart, S