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2022-12-02Sewer Corrosion Prediction for Sewer Network SustainabilityZhang, J; Li, B; Fan, X; Wang, Y; Chen, F
2022-12-01Wi-Gym: Gymnastics Activity Assessment Using Commodity Wi-FiZhang, L; Huang, W; Jia, X; Fan, X; Fan, X; Gong, LGL; Tao, W; Mao, S
2022-12-01Users' experience matter: Delay sensitivity-aware computation offloading in mobile edge computingWang, M; Wu, T; Ma, T; Fan, X; Ke, M
2022-12-01DyCC-Net: Dynamic Context Collection Network for Input-Aware Drone-View Object DetectionXi, Y; Jia, W; Miao, Q; Liu, X; Fan, X; Lou, J
2022-12-01Achieving URLLC by MU-MIMO With Imperfect CSI: Under κ-μ Shadowed FadingZeng, J; Xu, Q; Fan, X; Ye, N; Ni, W; Jay Guo, Y
2022-10-15Insight into biofouling mechanism in biofiltration-facilitated gravity-driven membrane (GDM) system: Beneficial effects of pre-deposited adsorbentsFeng, J; Li, X; Yang, Y; Fan, X; Zhou, Z; Ren, J; Tan, X; Li, H
2022-08-01FiFoNet: Fine-Grained Target Focusing Network for Object Detection in UAV ImagesXi, Y; Jia, W; Miao, Q; Liu, X; Fan, X; Li, H
2022-05-23SE-Loc: Security-Enhanced Indoor Localization with Semi-Supervised Deep LearningYe, Q; Fan, X; Bie, H; Puthal, D; Wu, T; Song, X; Fang, G
2022-04Supervised Categorical Metric Learning With Schatten p-Norms.Li, Y; Fan, X; Gaussier, E
2022-03-27Exploiting temporal dependency of RSS data with deep learning for IoT‐oriented wireless indoor localizationYe, Q; Fan, X; Fang, G; Bie, H
2022-03-23Hawkes processes with stochastic exogenous effects for continuous-time interaction modelling.Fan, X; Li, Y; Chen, L; Li, B; Sisson, S
2022-01-01Dynamic customer segmentation via hierarchical fragmentation-coagulation processesLuo, L; Li, B; Fan, X; Wang, Y; Koprinska, I; Chen, F
2022-01-01Device-free near-field human sensing using WiFi signalsGong, L; Xiang, C; Fan, X; Wu, T; Chen, C; Yu, M; Yang, W
2022-01-01MobiEdge: Mobile Service Provisioning for Edge Clouds with Time-varying Service DemandsWu, T; Fan, X; Qu, Y; Yang, P
2021-12-01Tolerance-Oriented Wi-Fi Advertisement Scheduling: A Near Optimal Study on Accumulative User InterestsXu, W; Fan, X; Wu, T; Tao, W; Xi, Y; Yang, P; Tian, C
2021-09PDANet: Pyramid density-aware attention based network for accurate crowd countingAmirgholipour, S; Jia, W; Liu, L; Fan, X; Wang, D; He, X
2021-08-24Smoothing graphons for modelling exchangeable relational dataLi, Y; Fan, X; Chen, L; Li, B; Sisson, SA
2021-07-01Fisher information-empowered sensing quality quantification for crowdsensing networksXiang, C; Fan, X; Chen, C; Gong, L; Guo, S
2021-07-01Efficient EM-variational inference for nonparametric Hawkes processZhou, F; Luo, S; Li, Z; Fan, X; Wang, Y; Sowmya, A; Chen, F
2021-06-01Enabling URLLC under $\kappa-\mu$ Shadowed FadingWu, T; Fan, X; Zeng, J; Ni, W; Liu, RP