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1-Nov-2017Active multitask learning with trace norm regularization based on excess riskFang, M; Yin, J; Hall, LO; Tao, D
1-Jul-2016Supervised sampling for networked dataFang, M; Yin, J; Zhu, X
1-Jan-2016Linear submodular bandits with a knapsack constraintYu, B; Fang, M; Tao, D
1-Jan-2016Submodular asymmetric feature selection in cascade object detectionYu, B; Fang, M; Tao, D; Yin, J
1-Jan-2016Multi-label active learning based on maximum correntropy criterion: Towards robust and discriminative labelingWang, Z; Du, B; Zhang, L; Zhang, L; Fang, M; Tao, D
1-Jan-2016Iterative views agreement: An iterative low-rank based structured optimization method to multi-view spectral clusteringWang, Y; Wenjie, Z; Wu, L; Lin, X; Fang, M; Pan, S
1-Sep-2015TrGraph: Cross-Network Transfer Learning via Common Signature SubgraphsFang, M; Yin, J; Zhu, X; Zhang, C
2015Bandit learning for sequential decision making : a practical way to address the trade-off between exploration and exploitationFang, M
11-Dec-2013Active exploration: Simultaneous sampling and labeling for large graphsFang, M; Yin, J; Zhu, X
1-Dec-2013Transfer learning across networks for collective classificationFang, M; Yin, J; Zhu, X
25-Nov-2013Hierarchical sampling for multi-instance ensemble learningYuan, H; Fang, M; Zhu, X
31-Oct-2013Knowledge transfer for multi-labeler active learningFang, M; Yin, J; Zhu, X
1-Jan-2013Active class discovery and learning for networked dataFang, M; Yin, J; Zhu, X; Zhang, C
1-Dec-2012I don't know the label: Active learning with blind knowledgeFang, M; Zhu, X
1-Dec-2012Top-k correlated subgraph query for data streamsPan, S; Zhu, X; Fang, M
1-Dec-2012Self-Taught Active Learning from crowdsFang, M; Zhu, X; Li, B; Ding, W; Wu, X
7-Nov-2012Active learning from oracle with knowledge blind spotFang, M; Zhu, X; Zhang, C