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2023-07-19Seismic Response of High-rise Frame-shear Wall Buildings under the Influence of Dynamic Soil-Structure InteractionZhang, X; Far, H
2023-05-30Impact Stiffness of Linear Viscoelastic Model for Seismic Pounding Simulation: Experimental EvaluationJaradat, Y; Far, H
2023-04-09Utilising Artificial Neural Networks for Prediction of Properties of Geopolymer ConcreteShamayleh, O; Far, H
2023-04-05An Investigation into Adequacy of Separation Gap to Preclude Earthquake-induced PoundingJaradat, Y; Sobhi, P; Far, H
2023-01-07Shear Connection Performance of Cold-formed Steel and Plywood Composite Flooring Systems: Experimental and Numerical InvestigationAlHunaity, S; Karki, D; Far, H
2022-12-25Investigation on Structural Behaviour of Composite Cold-formed Steel and Reinforced Concrete Flooring SystemsShamayleh, O; Far, H
2022-10-05Predicting the Properties of High-performance Concrete Using Artificial IntelligenceShamayleh, O; Far, H
2022-06-01Composite connections between CFS beams and plywood panels for flooring systems: Testing and analysisKarki, D; Al-Hunaity, S; Far, H; Saleh, A
2022-05-26Determination of Slip Modulus of Cold Formed Steel Composite Members Sheathed with Plywood Structural PanelsKarki, D; Far, H; Al-hunity, S
2022-05-18Vibration Behaviour of Cold Formed Steel and Particleboard Composite Flooring SystemsAL HUNAITY, S; Far, H; Saleh, A
2022-03-31Seismic behaviour of high-rise frame-core tube structures considering dynamic soil–structure interactionZhang, X; Far, H
2022-01-13Seismic Behaviour of High-rise Frame-core Tube Structures Considering Dynamic Soil-Structure InteractionZhang, X; Far, H
2022-01-01Deflection analysis of welded steel I-girders with corrugated webs based on first yieldZhang, X; Far, H; Lin, X
2021-12Experimental investigation on interface shear strength of composite PVC encased macro-synthetic fibre reinforced concrete wallsFar, H; Nejadi, S
2021-08-16Impact of Structural Pounding on Structural Behaviour of Adjacent Buildings Considering Dynamic Soil-Structure InteractionSobhi, P; Far, H
2021-06-04Post-buckling Strength of Welded Steel I-Girders with Corrugated WebsLin, X; Far, H
2021-05-14Numerical Studies into Factors Affecting Structural Behaviour of Composite Cold-Formed Steel and Timber Flooring SystemsKarki, D; Far, H; Saleh, A
2020-12-17Numerical Investigation on Shear Deflection of Steel Welded I Sections with Varying Span to Depth Ratios International Journal of Steel StructuresFar, H; Kamali, S
2020-12-03Experimental Investigation on Flexural Behaviour of Composite PVC Encased Macro-synthetic Fibre Reinforced Concrete WallsFar, H; Nejadi, S
2020-11-26State-of-the-Art on Composite Cold-formed Steel Flooring SystemsKarki, D; Far, H