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2020-02-01Interpretation of Dynamic Pile Load Testing for Open-Ended Tubular Piles Using Finite-Element MethodAghayarzadeh, M; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B; Terzaghi, S
2020Finite Element Modeling of Soil Arching in Pile Supported Embankment: 2D ApproachMeena, NK; Nimbalkar, S; Fatahi, B
2019-12-01Effect of constructing twin tunnels under a building supported by pile foundations in the Sydney central business districtKhabbaz, H; Gibson, R; Fatahi, B
2019-12-01Assessment of the Internal Shaft Friction of Tubular Piles in Jointed Weak Rock Using the Discrete-Element MethodZhang, X; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H; Poon, B
2019-12-01The Effectiveness of Restrainers to Enhance the Seismic Performance of Bridges with Rocking FoundationsEl-Hawat, O; Fatahi, B; Edmonds, C
2019-10-01A comparison of frictional and socketed concrete injected columns in a transition zoneMahdavi, H; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H
2019-10-01Impact of in Situ Soil Shear-Wave Velocity Profile on the Seismic Design of Tall Buildings on End-Bearing PilesXu, R; Fatahi, B
2019-10-01Novel integrated ground anchor technology for the seismic protection of isolated segmented cantilever bridgesHassoun, M; Fatahi, B
2019-09-01Mixed hardening hyper-viscoplasticity model for soils incorporating non-linear creep rate - H-creep modelAung, Y; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B
2019-08-15Constrained Compression Models for Tire-Derived Aggregate-Sand Mixtures Using Enhanced Large Scale Oedometer Testing ApparatusJamshidi Chenari, R; Alaie, R; Fatahi, B
2019-08-01Impacts of Drying-Wetting and Loading-Unloading Cycles on Small Strain Shear Modulus of Unsaturated SoilsNgoc, TP; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H
2019-07-19Investigating effects of wave incident angle and joint depth on ground surface motion considering multiple reflections via coupled discrete element and finite difference methodHuang, B; Fatahi, B; Terzaghi, S
2019-06-01Effects of choice of soil constitutive model on seismic performance of moment-resisting frames experiencing foundation rocking subjected to near-field earthquakesYeganeh, N; Fatahi, B
2019-06-01A closed-form solution for column-supported embankments with geosynthetic reinforcementZhao, LS; Zhou, WH; Geng, X; Yuen, KV; Fatahi, B
2019-02-01EditorialFatahi, B
2019-02-01A novel cushioned piled raft foundation to protect buildings subjected to normal fault ruptureRasouli, H; Fatahi, B
2019-01-01A numerical comparison of installation sequences of plain concrete rigid inclusionsNguyen, HH; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B
2019-01-01Novel application of geosynthetics to reduce residual drifts of mid-rise buildings after earthquakesXu, R; Fatahi, B
2019-01-01Analytical Solution for Pollutant Diffusion in Soils with Time-Dependent Dispersion CoefficientYu, C; Wang, H; Wu, ZX; Sun, WJ; Fatahi, B
2019-01-01Investigating Effects of Individual Fracture Length on Behaviour of Weak Rock Using Discrete Element MethodZhang, X; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H