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2024-01-17Advanced Biodiesel - Technological Advances, Challenges, and Sustainability ConsiderationsFattah, IMR
2023-11-03Microwave-assisted Catalytic Biodiesel ProductionFattah, IMR; Mujtaba, MA; Veza, I; Smaisim, GF
2023-04-01Environmental Analysis, Monitoring, and Process Control Strategy for Reduction of Greenhouse Gaseous Emissions in Thermochemical ReactionsAboughaly, M; Fattah, IMR
2023-04-01Thermal Performance Evaluation of Plate-Type Heat Exchanger with Alumina–Titania Hybrid SuspensionsBhattad, A; Rao, BN; Atgur, V; Veza, I; Zamri, MFMA; Fattah, IMR
2023-04-01Decoding Anaerobic Digestion: A Holistic Analysis of Biomass Waste Technology, Process Kinetics, and Operational VariablesAworanti, OA; Agbede, OO; Agarry, SE; Ajani, AO; Ogunkunle, O; Laseinde, OT; Rahman, SMA; Fattah, IMR
2023-03-01Cost-Effective Natural Adsorbents for Remediation of Oil-Contaminated WaterAl-Najar, JA; Al-Humairi, ST; Lutfee, T; Balakrishnan, D; Veza, I; Soudagar, MEM; Fattah, IMR
2023-01-01Chapter Eight Black cumin (Nigella sativa L.) essential oil and aroma qualityFattah, IMR; Ashrafur, RSM; Ahmed, A
2023-01-01Hollow fiber membrane contactor based carbon dioxide absorption − stripping: a reviewFattah, IMR; Farhan, ZA; Kontoleon, KJ; kianfar, E; Hadrawi, SK
2022-12-21Potential Heterogeneous Catalysts from Three Biogenic Residues toward Sustainable Biodiesel Production: Synthesis and CharacterizationOloyede, CT; Jekayinfa, SO; Alade, AO; Ogunkunle, O; Laseinde, OT; Adebayo, AO; Veza, I; Fattah, IMR
2022-12-01Improved prediction accuracy of biomass heating value using proximate analysis with various ANN training algorithmsVeza, I; Irianto,; Panchal, H; Paristiawan, PA; Idris, M; Fattah, IMR; Putra, NR; Silambarasan, R
2022-12-01Effect of palm oil biodiesel blends (B10 and B20) on physical and mechanical properties of nitrile rubber elastomerVeza, I; Zainuddin, Z; Tamaldin, N; Idris, M; Irianto, I; Fattah, IMR
2022-11-03Biomimicking Nature-Inspired Design Structures-An Experimental and Simulation Approach Using Additive Manufacturing.Patil, AY; Hegde, C; Savanur, G; Kanakmood, SM; Contractor, AM; Shirashyad, VB; Chivate, RM; Kotturshettar, BB; Mathad, SN; Patil, MB; Soudagar, MEM; Fattah, IMR
2022-11-01Review of artificial neural networks for gasoline, diesel and homogeneous charge compression ignition engineVeza, I; Afzal, A; Mujtaba, MA; Hoang, AT; Balasubramanian, D; Sekar, M; Fattah, IMR; Soudagar, MEM; EL-Seesy, A; Djamari, DW; Hananto, AL; Putra, NR; Tamaldin, N
2022-11-01A framework to assess indicators of the circular economy in biological systemsKusumo, F; Mahlia, TMI; Pradhan, S; Ong, HC; Silitonga, AS; Fattah, IMR; Nghiem, LD; Mofijur, M
2022-11-01Sugarcane Biomass as a Source of Biofuel for Internal Combustion Engines (Ethanol and Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol): A Review of Economic ChallengesAlgayyim, SJM; Yusaf, T; Hamza, NH; Wandel, AP; Fattah, IMR; Laimon, M; Rahman, SMA
2022-11-01Review of artificial neural networks for gasoline, diesel and homogeneous charge compression ignition engine: Review of ANN for gasoline, diesel and HCCI engineVeza, I; Afzal, A; Mujtaba, MA; Tuan Hoang, A; Balasubramanian, D; Sekar, M; Fattah, IMR; Soudagar, MEM; EL-Seesy, AI; Djamari, DW; Hananto, AL; Putra, NR; Tamaldin, N
2022-11-01Kinetic Modelling of Esterification and Transesterification Processes for Biodiesel Production Utilising Waste-Based ResourceHazrat, MA; Rasul, MG; Khan, MMK; Ashwath, N; Silitonga, AS; Fattah, IMR; Mahlia, TMI
2022-10-01Progress on Conventional and Advanced Techniques of In Situ Transesterification of Microalgae Lipids for Biodiesel ProductionIderis, F; Zamri, MFMA; Shamsuddin, AH; Nomanbhay, S; Kusumo, F; Fattah, IMR; Mahlia, TMI
2022-09-15Phenolic-rich bio-oil production by microwave catalytic pyrolysis of switchgrass: Experimental study, life cycle assessment, and economic analysisMohamed, BA; Bilal, M; Salama, ES; Periyasamy, S; Fattah, IMR; Ruan, R; Awasthi, MK; Leng, L
2022-09-01Biodiesel Emissions: A State-of-the-Art Review on Health and Environmental ImpactsAljaafari, A; Fattah, IMR; Jahirul, MI; Gu, Y; Mahlia, TMI; Islam, MA; Islam, MS