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9-Jul-2019'Profound fear': Government must help this Australian writer and his wifeFeng, C
14-Jun-2019Rule of law or the party?Feng, C
23-Apr-2018User identity linkage across social networks via linked heterogeneous network embeddingWang, Y; Feng, C; Chen, L; Yin, H; Guo, C; Chu, Y
1-Jan-2018Chitosa n-based nano-biocomposites and their applications in medicine and pharmaceuticsYang, Z; Li, P; McDonagh, A; Li, S; Lv, M; Li, Y; Yu, Z; Feng, C
1-Jan-2017The NGO law in China and its impact on overseas funded NGOsFeng, C
2017IntroductionFeng, C
2017Chinese Scholars’ Participatory Action Research and China’s Transformation to Constitutional DemocracyFeng, C; Feng, C; Yang, H
1-Sep-2016Effect of straw and polyacrylamide on the stability of land/water ecotone soil and the field implementationLu, S; Chen, F; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Feng, C; Wu, J; Zheng, B
1-Jan-2016China's socialist rule of law: A critical appraisal of the relationship between the Communist Party and comprehensive law reformFeng, C
2016Multi-Cultural Democracy and Political Engagement of Mainland China Immigrants in Australia Since the 1980'sFeng, C; Feng, C; He, Y; Chen, Q
2015Development of Constitutionalism in China since 1989Feng, C; Cheng, JYS
1-Jan-2014Effect of hybrid circle reservoir injected with wavelet-neurons on performance of echo state networkCui, H; Feng, C; Chai, Y; Liu, RP; Liu, Y
2014Zhongguo Xianzheng Zhuangxing [China’s Constitutional Transformation]Feng, C
Jan-2013The Quest for Constitutional Democracy in Contemporary ChinaFeng, C; Fung; Edmund; Drakeley, S
Jan-2013Preserving Stability and Rights Protection: Conflict or Coherance?Feng, C
Jan-2013The Dilemma of Stability Preservation in ChinaFeng, C
1-Dec-2012The threat of charter 08Feng, C
1-Dec-2012Rights defence lawyers as dissidents in contemporary ChinaFeng, C; Hawes, C; Gu, M
1-Dec-2012Prolonging network lifetime in two-level heterogeneous Wireless Sensor NetworksCui, H; Feng, C; Liu, RP; Huang, X; Liu, Y
Aug-2012An Alternative Perspective on the Household Registration in ChinaFeng, C