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May-2018Valuing EQ-5D-5L health states ‘in context’ using a discrete choice experimentCole, A; Shah, K; Mulhern, B; Feng, Y; Devlin, N
Jan-2018New Methods for Modelling EQ-5D-5L Value Sets: An Application to English DataFeng, Y; Devlin, N; Shah, K; Mulhern, B; van Hout, B
Jan-2018Valuing Health-Related Quality of Life: An EQ-5D-5L Value Set for EnglandDevlin, N; Feng, Y; Shah, K; Mulhern, B; van Hout, B
2018Comparing the UK EQ-5D-3L and English EQ-5D-5L value sets: Implications for NICE decision makingMulhern, B; Feng, Y; Shah, K; Janssen, B; Herdman, M; van Hout, B; Devlin, N
Dec-2017Probabilistic bisimilarity as testing equivalenceDeng, Y; Feng, Y
1-Nov-2017Precisely deciding CSL formulas through approximate model checking for CTMCsFeng, Y; Zhang, L
5-Dec-2016Verify LTL with Fairness Assumptions EfficientlyLi, Y; Song, L; Feng, Y; Zhang, L
1-Jul-2016Asymptotic Perturbation Bounds for Probabilistic Model Checking with Empirically Determined Probability ParametersSu, G; Feng, Y; Chen, T; Rosenblum, DS
1-May-2016Critical review on PPP Research - A search from the Chinese and International JournalsZhang, S; Chan, APC; Feng, Y; Duan, H; Ke, Y
May-2016Critical review on PPP Research - A search from the Chinese and International JournalsZhang, S; Chan, APC; Feng, Y; Duan, H; Ke, Y
2016Multi-label learning with label relevance in advertising videoHou, S; Zhou, S; Chen, L; Feng, Y; Awudu, K
May-2015Sunburst with ordered nodes based on hierarchical clustering: a visual analyzing method for associated hierarchical pesticide residue dataChen, Y; Zhang, X; Feng, Y; Liang, J; Chen, H
2015Decentralized Bisimulation for Multiagent SystemsSong, L; Feng, Y; Zhang, L
2015Extend transferable belief models with probabilistic priorsZhou, C; Feng, Y
2015On coinduction and quantum lambda calculiDeng, Y; Feng, Y; Dal Lago, U
2015Quantum Privacy-Preserving Data Mining.Ying, S; Ying, M; Feng, Y
2015Toward Automatic Verification of Quantum Cryptographic Protocols.Feng, Y; Ying, M; Aceto, L; Frutos-Escrig, DD
8-Jul-2014Model-checking linear-time properties of quantum systemsYing, M; Li, Y; Yu, N; Feng, Y
1-Jun-2014A system dynamics-based simulation model of production line with cross-trained workersFeng, Y; Fan, W
Apr-2014Symbolic bisimulation for quantum processesFeng, Y; Deng, Y; Ying, M