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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12-16Sensing-aided Uplink Channel Estimation for Joint Communication and SensingChen, X; Feng, Z; Zhang, JA; Wei, Z; Yuan, X; Zhang, P
2021-11-01Editorial: Introduction to the Issue on Joint Communication and Radar Sensing for Emerging ApplicationsMasouros, C; Heath, R; Zhang, JA; Feng, Z; Zheng, L; Petropulu, A
2021-11-01An Overview of Signal Processing Techniques for Joint Communication and Radar SensingZhang, JA; Liu, F; Masouros, C; Heath, RW; Feng, Z; Zheng, L; Petropulu, A
2021-09-01Tax avoidance and firm risk: evidence from ChinaCao, Y; Feng, Z; Lu, M; Shan, Y
2021-03-01Calibration and precise orientation determination of a gun barrel for agriculture and forestry work using a high-precision total stationLiu, J; Khan, TU; Nie, Z; Yu, Q; Feng, Z
2020-12-09Tax avoidance and firm risk in China: a pitchCao, Y; Feng, Z; Lu, M; Shan, Y
2020-09-10ModMRF: A modularity-based Markov Random Field method for community detectionJin, D; Zhang, B; Song, Y; He, D; Feng, Z; Chen, S; Li, W; Musial, K
2020-08-01Connectivity of uav swarms in 3d spherical spaces under (un)intentional ground interferenceYuan, X; Feng, Z; Ni, W; Wei, Z; Liu, RP; Xu, C
2020-07-21Waveform Optimization for MIMO Joint Communication and Radio Sensing Systems with Imperfect Channel FeedbacksYuan, X; Feng, Z; Ni, W; Wei, Z; Liu, RP
2020-05-01Multiobjective Optimization of a Tubular Coreless LPMSM Based on Adaptive Multiobjective Black Hole AlgorithmWu, T; Feng, Z; Wu, C; Lei, G; Guo, Y; Zhu, J; Wang, X
2020-01-01Secrecy Performance of Terrestrial Radio Links under Collaborative Aerial EavesdroppingYuan, X; Feng, Z; Ni, W; Liu, RP; Zhang, JA; Xu, W
2020-01Natural Hydrogels Applied in Photodynamic Therapy.Feng, Z; Lin, S; McDonagh, A; Yu, C
2020Audit Committee Characteristics and Financial Reporting ComparabilityFeng, Z; Lu, M; Shan, Y; Endrawes, M
2020Spatio-Temporal Power Optimization for MIMO Joint Communication and Radio Sensing Systems with Training OverheadYuan, X; Feng, Z; Zhang, A; Ni, W; Liu, RP; Wei, Z; Xu, C
2019-10-01CU-Net: Component Unmixing Network for Textile Fiber IdentificationFeng, Z; Liang, W; Tao, D; Sun, L; Zeng, A; Song, M
2019-10-01Secrecy Rate Analysis against Aerial EavesdropperYuan, X; Feng, Z; Ni, W; Wei, Z; Liu, RP; Zhang, JA
2018-08-01Capacity Analysis of UAV Communications: Cases of Random TrajectoriesYuan, X; Feng, Z; Xu, W; Ni, W; Zhang, JA; Wei, Z; Liu, RP
2018-07-01Buck-Boost Dual-Leg-Integrated Step-Up Inverter with Low THD and Single Variable Control for Single-Phase High-Frequency AC MicrogridsQin, L; Hu, M; Lu, DDC; Feng, Z; Wang, Y; Kan, J
2018-03-01Achievable Capacity Scaling Laws of Three-Dimensional Wireless Social NetworksWei, Z; Wu, H; Yuan, X; Huang, S; Feng, Z
2017-12-01Asymptomatic infections with highly polymorphic Chlamydia suis are ubiquitous in pigsLi, M; Jelocnik, M; Yang, F; Gong, J; Kaltenboeck, B; Polkinghorne, A; Feng, Z; Pannekoek, Y; Borel, N; Song, C; Jiang, P; Li, J; Zhang, J; Wang, Y; Wang, J; Zhou, X; Wang, C