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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-03-06A review of therapeutic agents for breast cancer with potentially radiosensitizing propertiesZhang, Z; Lim, C; Feng, Z
2024-01-01Waveform Design for MIMO-OFDM Integrated Sensing and Communication System: An Information Theoretical ApproachWei, Z; Piao, J; Yuan, X; Wu, H; Zhang, JA; Feng, Z; Wang, L; Zhang, P
2023-12-01Broadband infrastructure and stock price crash risk: Evidence from a quasi-natural experimentChen, Z; Cao, Y; Feng, Z; Lu, M; Shan, Y
2023-10-01Multiple Signal Classification Based Joint Communication and Sensing SystemChen, X; Feng, Z; Wei, Z; Yuan, X; Zhang, P; Zhang, JA; Yang, H
2023-10Hexyl-pentynoic acid serves as a novel radiosensitizer for breast cancer by inhibiting UCHL3-dependent Rad51 deubiquitinationCai, Z; Lim, D; Jia, B; Liu, G; Ding, W; Wang, Z; Tian, Z; Peng, J; Zhang, F; Dong, C; Feng, Z
2023-07-01Integrated Sensing and Communication Signals Toward 5G-A and 6G: A SurveyWei, Z; Qu, H; Wang, Y; Yuan, X; Wu, H; Du, Y; Han, K; Zhang, N; Feng, Z
2023-07-01Detecting Out-of-distribution Data through In-distribution Class PriorJiang, X; Liu, F; Fang, Z; Hong, C; Tongliang, L; Feng, Z; Bo, H; Fang, Z
2023-06-01Concurrent Downlink and Uplink Joint Communication and Sensing for 6G NetworksChen, X; Feng, Z; Wei, Z; Zhang, JA; Yuan, X; Zhang, P
2023-06Global research trends in radiotherapy for breast cancer: a systematic bibliometric analysis.Jia, B; Lim, D; Zhang, Y; Dong, C; Feng, Z
2023-06HDAC inhibitor HPTA initiates anti-tumor response by CXCL9/10-recruited CXCR3+CD4+T cells against PAHs carcinogenicity.Chen, C; Lim, D; Cai, Z; Zhang, F; Liu, G; Dong, C; Feng, Z
2023-05-01Local FinTech development and stock price crash riskWang, X; Cao, Y; Feng, Z; Lu, M; Shan, Y
2023-04-14Recent advances in water-induced electricity generation based on 2D materials: A reviewFeng, Z; Zhu, R; Chen, F; Zhu, Y; Zhou, Y; Guan, P; Kuo, YC; Fan, J; Wan, T; Li, M; Han, Z; Su, D; Chu, D
2023-04-01Editorial: Theoretical analysis and applications of artificial intelligence in hydrology and water resource managementWen, S; Feng, Z
2023-02-13VPA mediates bidirectional regulation of cell cycle progression through the PPP2R2A-Chk1 signaling axis in response to HU.Su, B; Lim, D; Qi, C; Zhang, Z; Wang, J; Zhang, F; Dong, C; Feng, Z
2023-02Valproic acid as a radio-sensitizer in glioma: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Sullivan, JK; Fahey, PP; Agho, KE; Hurley, SP; Feng, Z; Day, RO; Lim, D
2023-01-01Lab free protein-based moisture electric generators with a high electric outputZhu, R; Zhu, Y; Hu, L; Guan, P; Su, D; Zhang, S; Liu, C; Feng, Z; Hu, G; Chen, F; Wan, T; Guan, X; Wu, T; Joshi, R; Li, M; Cazorla, C; Lu, Y; Han, Z; Xu, H; Chu, D
2023-01-01Classification of lattice defects and the microscopic origin of p-type conductivity of Sb<inf>2</inf>Se<inf>3</inf> solar cell absorber with varying Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>-layer thicknessesGuo, H; Jia, X; Liu, J; Feng, Z; Zhang, S; Chen, Z; Tian, H; Qiu, J; Yuan, N; Ding, J
2023-01-01Intelligent Computation Offloading for Joint Communication and Sensing-Based Vehicular NetworksYang, H; Feng, Z; Wei, Z; Zhang, Q; Yuan, X; Quek, TQS; Zhang, P
2023Development of a risk model to predict prognosis in breast cancer based on cGAS-STING-related genes.Chen, C; Wang, J; Dong, C; Lim, D; Feng, Z