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2022-11-23Promoting and translating the Methods Corner for impact in learning, teaching, and researcher capacity development activities.Ferguson, C; Lee, CS
2022-11-09Which strategies support the effective use of clinical practice guidelines and clinical quality registry data to inform health service delivery? A systematic review.Dempsey, K; Ferguson, C; Walczak, A; Middleton, S; Levi, C; Morton, RL; Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA) Health System Improvement and Sustainability Working Group members,
2022-10-27Comparison of six frailty instruments in adults with heart failure: a prospective cohort pilot study.McDonagh, J; Ferguson, C; Prichard, R; Chang, S; Philips, JL; Davidson, PM; Newton, PJ; Macdonald, PS
2022-09Clinician Estimates of Frailty Compared to Formal Frailty Assessment in Adults With Heart Failure: A Cross-Sectional Analysis.McDonagh, J; Prichard, R; Ferguson, C; Phillips, JL; Davidson, PM; Macdonald, PS; Newton, PJ
2022-09Interventions to promote oral care regimen adherence in the critical care setting: A systematic review.Lombardo, L; Ferguson, C; George, A; Villarosa, AR; Villarosa, BJ; Kong, AC; Wynne, R; Salamonson, Y
2022-09Indonesian hospital's preparedness for handling COVID-19 in the early onset of an outbreak: A qualitative study of nurse managers.Asmaningrum, N; Ferguson, C; Ridla, AZ; Kurniawati, D
2022-08-02Educational Needs of People Living with Atrial Fibrillation: A Qualitative Study.Ferguson, C; Hickman, LD; Lombardo, L; Downie, A; Bajorek, B; Ivynian, S; Inglis, SC; Wynne, R
2022-07COVID-19: Lessons Learned and a Need for Data Driven Decision Making.Ogungbe, O; Commodore-Mensah, Y; Dennison Himmelfarb, CR; Ferguson, C; Martin, K; Davidson, PM
2022-06-01Bundle-of-care interventions to improve self-management of patients with urinary catheters: Study protocolAlex, J; Ferguson, C; Ramjan, LM; Montayre, J; Lombardo, L; Salamonson, Y
2022-06Integrating Heart Failure Palliative Care Delivery in an Uncertain Disease Trajectory.Singh, GK; Ferguson, C; Hickman, LD
2022-05Effectiveness of nurse-targeted education interventions on clinical outcomes for patients with indwelling urinary catheters: A systematic review.Alex, J; Maneze, D; Ramjan, LM; Ferguson, C; Montayre, J; Salamonson, Y
2022-04-06Implementing the battery-operated hand-held fan as an evidence-based, non-pharmacological intervention for chronic breathlessness in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): a qualitative study of the views of specialist respiratory clinicians.Luckett, T; Roberts, M; Smith, T; Garcia, M; Dunn, S; Swan, F; Ferguson, C; Kochovska, S; Phillips, JL; Pearson, M; Currow, DC; Johnson, MJ
2022-04-01Bouncing off Each Other: Experiencing Interprofessional Collaboration Through SimulationHayes, C; Power, T; Forrest, G; Ferguson, C; Kennedy, D; Freeman-Sanderson, A; Courtney-Harris, M; Hemsley, B; Lucas, C
2022-02-01Effect of an mHealth self-help intervention on readmission after adult cardiac surgery: Protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial.Wynne, R; Nolte, J; Matthews, S; Angel, J; Le, A; Moore, A; Campbell, T; Ferguson, C
2022-01-01Practices, Beliefs, and Attitudes of Clinicians in the Use of Direct Oral Anticoagulants in Obese Adults With Atrial FibrillationShaikh, F; Wynne, R; Castelino, R; Inglis, S; Davidson, P; Ferguson, C
2021-11-15Outcomes for patients with COVID-19 admitted to Australian intensive care units during the first four months of the pandemic.Wynne, R; Ferguson, C; Davidson, PM
2021-10-12Effectiveness of direct oral anticoagulants in obese adults with atrial fibrillation: an overview examining the evidence from international systematic reviews and meta-analysesShaikh, F; Wynne, R; Castelino, RL; Inglis, SC; Ferguson, C
2021-10-06Are Clinicians Using Routinely Collected Data to Drive Practice Improvement? A Cross Sectional Survey.Gawthorne, J; Fasugba, O; Levi, C; McInnes, E; Ferguson, C; McNeil, J; Cadilhac, DA; Everett, B; Fernandez, R; Fry, M; Goldsmith, H; Hickman, L; Jackson, D; Maguire, J; Murray, E; Perry, L; Middleton, S
2021-07-15Wearable cardiac monitoring using smart-devices for the detection of atrial fibrillation in adultsFerguson, C; Wynne, R; Inglis, SC
2021-07Stroke Risk in Adults With Atrial Fibrillation According to Sex.Ferguson, C; Lowres, N; Freedman, B