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2021-11-15Outcomes for patients with COVID-19 admitted to Australian intensive care units during the first four months of the pandemic.Wynne, R; Ferguson, C; Davidson, PM
2021-10-06Are Clinicians Using Routinely Collected Data to Drive Practice Improvement? A Cross Sectional Survey.Gawthorne, J; Fasugba, O; Levi, C; McInnes, E; Ferguson, C; McNeil, J; Cadilhac, DA; Everett, B; Fernandez, R; Fry, M; Goldsmith, H; Hickman, L; Jackson, D; Maguire, J; Murray, E; Perry, L; Middleton, S
2021-07-15Wearable cardiac monitoring using smart-devices for the detection of atrial fibrillation in adultsFerguson, C; Wynne, R; Inglis, SC
2021-06-28Workforce management and patient outcomes in the intensive care unit during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: a discursive paper.Wynne, R; Davidson, PM; Duffield, C; Jackson, D; Ferguson, C
2021-06-09Analysis of discharge documentation for older adults living with dementia: A cohort study.Parker, KJ; Phillips, JL; Luckett, T; Agar, M; Ferguson, C; Hickman, LD
2021-05Global perspectives on under-funding for Clinical Research Training Fellowships in Nursing.Ferguson, C; Henshall, C; Albert, NM
2021-04-13New technologies call for new strategies for patient education.Lombardo, L; Wynne, R; Hickman, L; Ferguson, C
2021-03-17Patient perceptions of oral health care following stroke: a qualitative study.Ajwani, S; Ferguson, C; Kong, AC; Villarosa, AR; George, A
2021-02Attitudes and practices towards palliative care in chronic heart failure: a survey of cardiovascular nurses and physicians.Singh, GK; Ferguson, C; Davidson, PM; Newton, PJ
2021-02The role of small incentives in qualitative research, and the impact of online recruitment during COVID.Ferguson, C; Wynne, R
2021-01Effectiveness of Direct Oral Anticoagulants in Obese Adults With Atrial Fibrillation: A Systematic Review of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis.Shaikh, F; Wynne, R; Castelino, RL; Inglis, SC; Ferguson, C
2020-12-22Clinical quality registries: An approach to support research capacity building in clinical academic partnerships.Wynne, R; Jackson, D; Prince, J; O'Regan, A; Kirk, A; Ferguson, C
2020-10-01Interventions to optimise transitional care coordination for older people living with dementia and concomitant multimorbidity and their caregivers: A systematic review.Parker, KJ; Hickman, LD; Phillips, JL; Ferguson, C
2020-10Enhancing pre-licenced pharmacists' communication and interprofessional collaboration utilizing the RIPE model of interprofessional learning: A qualitative study.Lucas, C; Power, T; Ferguson, C; Hayes, C
2020-09CSANZ COVID-19 Cardiovascular Nursing Care Consensus Statement: Executive Summary.Inglis, SC; Naismith, C; White, K; Hendriks, JM; Bray, J; Hickman, LD; Aldridge, C; Bardsley, K; Cameron, J; Candelaria, D; Cartledge, S; Du, H; Ferguson, C; Martin, L; Selkow, T; Xu, X; Wynne, R; Driscoll, A; Gallagher, R; Clark, R; Davidson, PM
2020-08Exploring nursing and allied health perspectives of quality oral care after stroke: A qualitative study.Ferguson, C; George, A; Villarosa, AR; Kong, AC; Bhole, S; Ajwani, S
2020-08Factors influencing care-seeking delay or avoidance of heart failure management: A mixed-methods study.Ivynian, SE; Ferguson, C; Newton, PJ; DiGiacomo, M
2020-06-18Clinician Perspectives on the Design and Application of Wearable Cardiac Technologies for Older Adults: Qualitative Study.Ferguson, C; Inglis, SC; Breen, PP; Gargiulo, GD; Byiers, V; Macdonald, PS; Hickman, LD
2020-05Palliative care in chronic heart failure: a theoretically guided, qualitative meta-synthesis of decision-making.Singh, GK; Ivynian, SE; Ferguson, C; Davidson, PM; Newton, PJ
2020-05Access and referral to palliative care for patients with chronic heart failure: A qualitative study of healthcare professionals.Singh, GK; Ramjan, L; Ferguson, C; Davidson, PM; Newton, PJ