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2023-07-10A Neural Network-based Low-cost Soft Sensor for Touch Recognition and Deformation CaptureFan, Y; Pietroni, N; Ferguson, S
2023-06-15Sonic Robotics: Musical Genres as Platforms for Understanding Robotic Performance as Cultural EventsMarynowsky, W; Knowles, J; Ferguson, S; Bown, O
2022-12-22Feature Selection Approaches for Optimising Music Emotion Recognition MethodsCai, L; Ferguson, S; Lu, H; Fang, G
2022-06-13Buildings as Audio Visual Synthesisers: Experiments Performing Live Music on Wirelessly Networked Multi-Speaker Media ArchitecturesBown, O; Mikolajczyk, K; Ferguson, S; Carey, B
2022-06Using open data and open-source software to develop spatial indicators of urban design and transport features for achieving healthy and sustainable cities.Boeing, G; Higgs, C; Liu, S; Giles-Corti, B; Sallis, JF; Cerin, E; Lowe, M; Adlakha, D; Hinckson, E; Moudon, AV; Salvo, D; Adams, MA; Barrozo, LV; Bozovic, T; Delclòs-Alió, X; Dygrýn, J; Ferguson, S; Gebel, K; Ho, TP; Lai, P-C; Martori, JC; Nitvimol, K; Queralt, A; Roberts, JD; Sambo, GH; Schipperijn, J; Vale, D; Van de Weghe, N; Vich, G; Arundel, J
2022-01-01User Expectations When Augmented Reality Mediates Historical ArtifactsAlakhtar, R; Ferguson, S; Alsobhi, H
2022-01-01Investigating cognitive workload in concurrent speech-based information communicationFazal, MAU; Ferguson, S; Saeed, Z
2021-12-01Hacking the Medium: Shaping the creative constraints of network architectures in multiplicitous media artworksBown, O; Ferguson, S; Dias Pereira Dos Santos, A; Mikolajczyk, K
2021-10-13Supporting Creative Practice in Wireless Distributed Sound Installations Given Technical ConstraintsBown, O; Ferguson, S; Dos Santos, ADP; Mikolajczyk, K
2020-12-01Evaluation of Information Comprehension in Concurrent Speech-based DesignsFazal, MAU; Ferguson, S; Johnston, A
2020-12Multi-view Neural Networks for Raw Audio-based Music Emotion RecognitionHE, NA; Ferguson, S
2020-12Music Social Tags Representation in Dimensional Emotion ModelsHe, N; Ferguson, S
2020-10-01Investigating efficient speech-based information communication: a comparison between the high-rate and the concurrent playback designsAbu ul Fazal, M; Ferguson, S; Johnston, A
2020-09-01Transparent Communication within MultiplicitiesFraietta, A; Bown, O; Ferguson, S
2020-06-24Rapid Composition for a Multi-Device Networked Music PlatformFerguson, S; Turnbull Tillman, D; Bown, O; Fraietta, A; Spagnol, S; Valle, A
2020-06-01Rapid composition for networked devices: HappybracketsFraietta, A; Bown, O; Ferguson, S; Gillespie, S; Bray, L
2020-02-09'The Ghosts of Roller Disco', a Choreographed, Interactive Performance for Robotic Roller SkatesMarynowsky, W; Ferguson, S; Fraietta, A; Bown, O
2020-02-06Creative coding and interaction design for media multiplicities: Challenges, paradigms and frameworksBown, O; Fraietta, A; Ferguson, S; Loke, L
2020-01-01End-to-end Dynamic Matching Network for Multi-view Multi-person 3D Pose EstimationHuang, C; Jiang, S; Li, Y; Zhang, Z; Traish, J; Deng, C; Ferguson, S; Da Xu, RY
2019-12-01‘I'm having a baby not a labour’: Sense of coherence and women's attitudes towards labour and birthFerguson, S; Davis, D