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2020-02-09'The Ghosts of Roller Disco', a Choreographed, Interactive Performance for Robotic Roller SkatesMarynowsky, W; Ferguson, S; Fraietta, A; Bown, O
2019-12-01‘I'm having a baby not a labour’: Sense of coherence and women's attitudes towards labour and birthFerguson, S; Davis, D
2019-12-01A salutary childbirth education program: Health promoting by design. A discussion paperDavis, D; Ferguson, S; Nissen, J; Fowler, C; Mosslar, S
2019-04-06Vinfomize: A framework for multiple voice-based information communicationAbu Ul Fazal, M; Karim, S; Ferguson, S; Johnston, A
2018-10-23Your move sounds so predictable!Loke, L; Bown, O; Ferguson, S; Bray, L; Fraietta, A; Packham, K
2018-09-12Investigating concurrent speech-based designs for information communicationAbu Ul Fazal, M; Ferguson, S; Johnston, A
2018-08-22Enterprise IT Governance impact on Agile Software Development Project SuccessBajwa, MA; Prior, J; Leaney, J; Ferguson, S; B. Andersson; B. Johansson; S. Carlsson; C. B. M. Lang; H. Linger; C. Schneider
2018-07-01What women value in the midwifery continuity of care model: A systematic review with meta-synthesisPerriman, N; Davis, DL; Ferguson, S
2018-04-01Women's motivation, perception and experience of complementary and alternative medicine in pregnancy: A meta-synthesisBowman, RL; Davis, DL; Ferguson, S; Taylor, J
2018-03-01Understanding media multiplicitiesBown, O; Ferguson, S
2018-02-01Creative media + the internet of things = media multiplicitiesBown, O; Ferguson, S
2018-01-01Concurrent voice-based multiple information communication: A study report of profile-based users' interactionUl Fazal, MA; Ferguson, S; Karim, MS; Johnston, A
2017-09-01Happy creativity: Listening to happy music facilitates divergent thinkingRitter, SM; Ferguson, S
2017-06-22Networked pixels: Strategies for building visual and auditory images with distributed independent devicesFerguson, S; Rowe, A; Bown, O; Birtles, L; Bennewith, C
2017-06-22Creative coding for the raspberry pi using the happybrackets platformFerguson, S; Bown, O
2016-02-01Practice-based research and new interfaces for musical expressionJohnston, A; Ferguson, S
2016-02-01Reflection is hard: Teaching and learning reflective practice in a software studioPrior, J; Ferguson, S; Leaney, J
2014-06-30Methodologies with fashion acoustics Live on StageJohnston, AJ; Ferguson, S; Murray-Leslie, A
2014-04-08The Network Unveiled: Evaluating Tele-musical InteractionMills, RH; Beilharz, K; Candy, L; Ferguson, S
2014-04-08Interactive Experience, Art and EvaluationCandy, L; Ferguson, SJ; Candy, L; Ferguson, S