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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2017Practical adaptive quantum tomographyGranade, C; Ferrie, C; Flammia, ST
17-Apr-2017Explaining quantum correlations through evolution of causal modelsHarper, R; Chapman, RJ; Ferrie, C; Granade, C; Kueng, R; Naoumenko, D; Flammia, ST; Peruzzo, A
21-Jul-2016Experimental Demonstration of Self-Guided Quantum TomographyChapman, RJ; Ferrie, C; Peruzzo, A
5-May-2016Fisher-Symmetric Informationally Complete Measurements for Pure StatesLi, N; Ferrie, C; Gross, JA; Kalev, A; Caves, CM
4-Mar-2016Minimax Quantum Tomography: Estimators and Relative Entropy BoundsFerrie, C; Blume-Kohout, R
1-Jan-2016Weak-value amplification: state of playKnee, GC; Combes, J; Ferrie, C; Gauger, EM
30-Dec-2015Novelty, efficacy, and significance of weak measurements for quantum tomographyGross, JA; Dangniam, N; Ferrie, C; Caves, CM
10-Dec-2015Near-optimal quantum tomography: Estimators and boundsKueng, R; Ferrie, C
19-Aug-2015Cost of postselection in decision theoryCombes, J; Ferrie, C
7-May-2015Robust and efficient in situ quantum controlFerrie, C; Moussa, O
20-Mar-2015Quantum Bochner's theorem for phase spaces built on projective representationsDangniam, N; Ferrie, C
20-Jan-2015Accelerated randomized benchmarkingGranade, C; Ferrie, C; Cory, DG
7-Nov-2014Self-guided quantum tomographyFerrie, C
24-Sep-2014Quantum model averagingFerrie, C
18-Sep-2014How the result of a single coin toss can turn out to be 100 headsFerrie, C; Combes, J
21-Jul-2014Data-processing inequalities for quantum metrologyFerrie, C
16-May-2014Quantum limits on postselected, probabilistic quantum metrologyCombes, J; Ferrie, C; Jiang, Z; Caves, CM
17-Apr-2014Quantum Hamiltonian learning using imperfect quantum resourcesWiebe, N; Granade, C; Ferrie, C; Cory, D
2-Apr-2014Likelihood-free methods for quantum parameter estimationFerrie, C; Granade, CE
1-Feb-2014High posterior density ellipsoids of quantum statesFerrie, C