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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Architecting Enterprise Applications for the Cloud: The Unicorn Universe Cloud FrameworkBeranek, M; Stastny, M; Kovar, V; Feuerlicht, G
1-Jan-2017Cloud computing governance reference model for cloud service consumersKarkošková, S; Feuerlicht, G
1-Jan-2017Modelling enterprise applications using business artifactsKovář, V; Beránek, M; Feuerlicht, G
30-Jun-2016Elastic Extension Tables for Multi-tenant Cloud ApllicationsYaish, H; Goyal, M; Feuerlicht, G
20-May-2016Service Development Life Cycle for Hybrid Cloud EnvironmentsTran, HT; Feuerlicht, G
1-Jan-2016Improving reliability of cloud-based applicationsTran, HT; Feuerlicht, G
1-Jan-2015Measuring complexity of domain standard specifications using XML schema entropyFeuerlicht, G; Kovar, V; Hartman, D; Beranek, M; Bory, P
1-Jan-2015A proxy service for multi-tenant elastic extension tablesYaish, H; Goyal, M; Feuerlicht, G
1-Jan-2014A method of optimizing multi-tenant database query accessYaish, H; Goyal, M; Feuerlicht, G
1-Jan-2014Evaluating the performance of multi-tenant Elastic Extension TablesYaish, H; Goyal, M; Feuerlicht, G
1-Jan-2014Multi-tenant elastic extension tables data managementYaish, H; Goyal, M; Feuerlicht, G
2014A method of optimizing multi-tenant database query accessYaish, H; Goyal, ML; Feuerlicht, G
1-Dec-2013Evaluation of quality of design for document-centric software servicesFeuerlicht, G
21-Nov-2013Enterprise architecture value modelGeorge, E; Feuerlicht, G
22-Oct-2013Proxy service for multi-tenant database accessYaish, H; Goyal, M; Feuerlicht, G
1-Jan-2013Cloud computing adoption frameworkFeuerlicht, G; George, E
1-Jan-2013Model for management of enterprise IT: Considerations of the impact of cloud computingPour, J; Voříšek, J; Feuerlicht, G
Jan-2013Can Relational DBMS Scale-up to the Cloud?Feuerlicht, G; Pooley, RJ; Coady, J; Linger, H; Barry, C; Lang, M
Jan-2013Cloud Computing Adoption FrameworkFeuerlicht, G; George, E; Basl, J; Jase, P; Novotny, O; Min, TA
16-Aug-2012A novel multi-tenant architecture design for software as a service applicationsYaish, H; Goyal, M; Feuerlicht, G