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Jan-2017Too busy to lead? Current challenges for German nurse leaders.Tewes, R; Fischer, T
2017A facilitated approach to family case conferencing for people with advanced dementia living in nursing homes: Perceptions of Palliative Care Planning Coordinators and other health professionals in the IDEAL StudyLuckett, T; Chenoweth, L; Phillips, J; Brooks, D; Cook, J; Mitchell, G; Pond, D; Davidson, P; Beattie, E; Luscombe, G; Goodall, S; Fischer, T; Agar, M
27-Jul-2016Editorial: Call to action: greater investment in the registered nurse role is required to improve care outcomes for dementia patients living in residential aged care and their families.Hickman, LD; Neville, S; Fischer, T; Davidson, PM; Phillips, JL
Aug-2015[Diagnostics of pain in old age. Perspectives on a multidimensional phenomenon].Sirsch, E; Gnass, I; Fischer, T
Nov-2012Health outcomes and quality of life of residents of shared-housing arrangements compared to residents of special care units - results of the Berlin DeWeGE-study.Wolf-Ostermann, K; Worch, A; Fischer, T; Wulff, I; Gräske, J
Aug-2012Pain assessment in elderly nursing home residents (Schmerzassessment bei älteren Menschen in der vollstationären Altenhilfe)Sirsch, E; Schuler, M; Fischer, T; Gnass, I; Laekeman, MA; Leonhardt, C; Berkemer, E; Drebenstedt, C; Löseke, E; Schwarzmann, G; Kopke, K; Lukas, A
May-2012Dementia-specific quality of life instruments and their appropriateness in shared-housing arrangements--a literature study.Gräske, J; Fischer, T; Kuhlmey, A; Wolf-Ostermann, K
Mar-2012Deficits in pain treatment in nursing homes in Germany: a cross-sectional study.Kölzsch, M; Wulff, I; Ellert, S; Fischer, T; Kopke, K; Kalinowski, S; Dräger, D; Kreutz, R
Jan-2012Robotic reticulations: A method for the integration of multi-axis fabrication processes with algorithmic form-finding techniquesMcGee, W; Pigram, DA; Kaczynski, MP; Fischer, T; De Biswas, K; Ham, JJ; Naka, R; Huang, WX
Jan-2012Materialising the Pixel: A Productive SynergyMatthews, LM; Perin, GJ; Fischer, T; De Biswas, K; Ham, JJ; Naka, R; Huang, W
2012Quality of life in dementia care--differences in quality of life measurements performed by residents with dementia and by nursing staff.Gräske, J; Fischer, T; Kuhlmey, A; Wolf-Ostermann, K
Jan-2004Capture and use of water by wheat and chickpea in sole crops and intercrops under dryland conditions of South AustraliaJahansooz, M; Yunusa, IA; Coventry, D; Fischer, T; Turner, N; Angus, J; McIntyre, L; Robertson, M; Borrell, A; Lloyd, D