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2022-12Perinatal outcomes of women with gestational breast cancer in Australia and New Zealand: A prospective population-based study.Sullivan, E; Safi, N; Li, Z; Remond, M; Chen, TYT; Javid, N; Dickinson, JE; Ives, A; Hammarberg, K; Anazodo, A; Boyle, F; Fisher, J; Halliday, L; Duncombe, G; McLintock, C; Wang, AY; Saunders, C
2022-10The preferences of women in Australia for the features of long-acting reversible contraception: results of a discrete choice experiment.Haas, M; Church, J; Street, DJ; Bateson, D; Fisher, J; Taft, A; Black, KI; Lucke, J; Hussainy, SY; McGeechan, K; Norman, W; Mazza, D
2020-02Developing delirium best practice: a systematic review of education interventions for healthcare professionals working in inpatient settings.Lee, SY; Fisher, J; Wand, APF; Milisen, K; Detroyer, E; Sockalingam, S; Agar, M; Hosie, A; Teodorczuk, A
2019-01-01Introducing Urban AlternativesPugalis, L; Fisher, J; Chiappini, L; Bruzzese, A; Fisker, J; Chiappini, L; Pugalis, L; Bruzzese, A
2018-05-01Evaluation of a new methodology to simulate damage and wear of polyethylene hip replacements subjected to edge loading in hip simulator testingPartridge, S; Tipper, JL; Al-Hajjar, M; Isaac, GH; Fisher, J; Williams, S
2018-03-01Health care experiences among women diagnosed with gestational breast cancerHammarberg, K; Sullivan, E; Javid, N; Duncombe, G; Halliday, L; Boyle, F; Saunders, C; Ives, A; Dickinson, JE; Fisher, J
2017-07-01Re-evaluating local government amalgamations: Utility maximisation meets the principle of double effect (PDE)Drew, J; Grant, B; Fisher, J
2016-08-01Determining the effect of vein visualization technology on donation success, vasovagal symptoms, anxiety and intention to re-donate in whole blood donors aged 18–30 years: A randomized controlled trialWaller, D; Mondy, P; Brama, T; Fisher, J; King, A; Malkov, K; Wall-Smith, D; Ryan, L; Irving, DO
2016Student retention and learning analytics: A snapshot of Australian practices and a framework for advancementColvin, C; Rogers, T; Wade, A; Dawson, S; Gasevic, D; Buckingham Shum, S; Nelson, K; Alexander, S; Lockyer, L; Kennedy, G; Corrin, L; Fisher, J
2015-09The biological response to nanometre-sized polymer particles.Liu, A; Richards, L; Bladen, CL; Ingham, E; Fisher, J; Tipper, JL
2015-08-01'Bad teacher? Using films as texts when teaching business ethics: Exploring the issues'Fisher, J; Grant, BJ; Palmer, D
2015Gestational breast cancer and infant feedingJavid, N; Hammarberg, K; Fisher, J; Sullivan, E
2014-10Interaction of micron and nano-sized particles with cells of the dura mater.Papageorgiou, I; Marsh, R; Tipper, JL; Hall, RM; Fisher, J; Ingham, E
2014-06-16Biological Effects of Clinically Relevant CoCr Nanoparticles in the Dura Mater: An Organ Culture Study.Papageorgiou, I; Abberton, T; Fuller, M; Tipper, JL; Fisher, J; Ingham, E
2014-04Generation of a large volume of clinically relevant nanometre-sized ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene wear particles for cell culture studies.Liu, A; Ingham, E; Fisher, J; Tipper, JL
2013-03-01Public Value: Recovering the Ethical for Public Sector ManagersFisher, J; Grant, B
2013-01Architectures for Evolving System of Systems in Complex EnvironmentsHawryszkiewycz, IT; Linger, A; Fisher, J; Barnden, A; Barry, C; Lang, M; Schneider, C
2012-12-01Strengthening business ethics teaching: The case for moore's theory of public valueFisher, J; Grant, B
2012-01Beyond corporate social responsibility: Public value and the business of politicsFisher, J; Grant, BJ
2012Handling the Complexity of ISD Projects with Agile Methods: A Conceptual Foundation.Raduescu, C; Gill, AQ; Linger, H; Fisher, J; Barnden, A; Barry, C; Lang, M; Schneider, C