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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01Guest editorial: Special issue on robot communication challenges: real-world problems, systems, and methodsOtte, M; Sofge, D; Fitch, R
2020-01-01Renewing mechanical and mechatronics programs using studiosHadgraft, RG; Francis, B; Fitch, R; Halkon, B; Brown, T
2019-12-31Renewing Mechanical and Mechatronics ProgramsHadgraft, R; Francis, B; Brown, T; Fitch, R; Halkon, B
2019-12-09Minimally Invasive Social NavigationKiss, SH; To, KYC; Yoo, C; Fitch, R; Alempijevic, A
2019-12Streamline-Based Control of Underwater Gliders in 3D EnvironmentsCadmus To, KY; Ju Heon Lee, J; Yoo, C; Anstee, S; Fitch, R
2019-11-01Stochastic Path Planning for Autonomous Underwater Gliders with Safety ConstraintsYoo, C; Anstee, S; Fitch, R
2019-10-15Multi-modal active perception for information gathering in science missionsArora, A; Furlong, PM; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S; Fong, T
2019-05-01Streamlines for motion planning in underwater currentsTo, KYC; Lee, KMB; Yoo, C; Anstee, S; Fitch, R
2019-05-01On-line 3D active pose-graph SLAM based on key poses using graph topology and sub-mapsChen, Y; Huang, S; Fitch, R; Zhao, L; Yu, H; Yang, D
2019-05-01Multi-robot region-of-interest reconstruction with Dec-MCTSSukkar, F; Best, G; Yoo, C; Fitch, R
2019-05-01Online estimation of ocean current from sparse GPS data for underwater vehiclesLee, KMB; Yoo, C; Hollings, B; Anstee, S; Huang, S; Fitch, R
2019-03-01Dec-MCTS: Decentralized planning for multi-robot active perceptionBest, G; Cliff, OM; Patten, T; Mettu, RR; Fitch, R
2019-01-01Sampling-based hierarchical motion planning for a reconfigurable wheel-on-leg planetary analogue exploration roverReid, W; Fitch, R; Göktoğan, AH; Sukkarieh, S
2018-12-27Decentralised Mission Monitoring with Spatiotemporal Optimal StoppingBest, G; Huang, S; Fitch, R
2018-12-21Multi-View Probabilistic Segmentation of Pome Fruit with a Low-Cost RGB-D CameraSukkar, F; Soria, PR; Fitch, R; Martens, W; Arrue, BC; Ollero, A
2018-10-31Robotic ecology: Tracking small dynamic animals with an autonomous aerial vehicleCliff, OM; Saunders, DL; Fitch, R
2018-09-10Efficient Active SLAM Based on Submap Joining, Graph Topology and Convex OptimizationChen, Y; Huang, S; Fitch, R; Yu, J
2018-09-10Planning-Aware Communication for Decentralised Multi-Robot CoordinationBest, G; Forrai, M; Mettu, RR; Fitch, R
2018-04-01Online planning for multi-robot active perception with self-organising mapsBest, G; Faigl, J; Fitch, R
2018-02-01Guest editorial: Special issue on active perceptionFitch, R; Isler, V; Tokekar, P; Scaramuzza, D