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2022-11-01State-of-the-art review of product stewardship strategies for large composite wind turbine bladesMartinez-Marquez, D; Florin, N; Hall, W; Majewski, P; Wang, H; Stewart, RA
2022-08-01Bioenergy siting for low-carbon electricity supply in AustraliaMiddelhoff, E; Madden, B; Li, M; Ximenes, F; Lenzen, M; Florin, N
2022-08-01End-of-life policy considerations for wind turbine bladesMajewski, P; Florin, N; Jit, J; Stewart, RA
2022-06-15Hybrid concentrated solar biomass (HCSB) systems for cogeneration: Techno-economic analysis for beef abattoirs in New South Wales, AustraliaMiddelhoff, E; Furtado, LA; Parise, JAR; Ximenes, F; Florin, N
2022-05-01Scenario modelling of biomass usage in the Australian electricity gridLi, M; Middelhoff, E; Ximenes, FA; Carney, C; Madden, B; Florin, N; Malik, A; Lenzen, M
2022-01-01Assessing electricity generation potential and identifying possible locations for siting hybrid concentrated solar biomass (HCSB) plants in New South Wales (NSW), AustraliaMiddelhoff, E; Madden, B; Ximenes, F; Carney, C; Florin, N
2021-07-15Hybrid concentrated solar biomass (HCSB) plant for electricity generation in Australia: Design and evaluation of techno-economic and environmental performanceMiddelhoff, E; Andrade Furtado, L; Peterseim, JH; Madden, B; Ximenes, F; Florin, N
2021-04-01Reducing new mining for electric vehicle battery metals: responsible sourcing through demand reduction strategies and recyclingDominish, E; Florin, N; Wakefield-Rann, R
2021-01-15Spatial modelling of municipal waste generation: Deriving property lot estimates with limited dataMadden, B; Florin, N; Mohr, S; Giurco, D
2021-01-01A modelling framework for the conceptual design of low-emission eco-industrial parks in the circular economy: A case for algae-centered business consortiaTumilar, AS; Milani, D; Cohn, Z; Florin, N; Abbas, A
2020-02-27Scoping study for solar panels and battery system reuse and recycling in NSWFlorin, N; Wakefield-Rann, R; Dominish, E; Dwyer, S; Gertsakis, J; Hartford, N
2019-10-01Using the waste Kuznet's curve to explore regional variation in the decoupling of waste generation and socioeconomic indicatorsMadden, B; Florin, N; Mohr, S; Giurco, D
2019-07-08Recycling and resource recovery infrastructure in Victoria: International and Australian comparisonJazbec, M; Madden, B; Florin, N
2019-06-04Addressing Expanded Polystyrene Waste Through A Closed-Loop System Using Digital Technologies: University of Technology Sydney Pilot StudyWakefield-Rann, R; Lee, T; Pandolfo, B; Florin, N
2019-01-01Requirements for minerals and metals for 100% renewable scenariosGiurco, D; Dominish, E; Florin, N; Watari, T; McLellan, B
2019-01-01MethodologyTeske, S; Pregger, T; Simon, S; Naegler, T; Pagenkopf, J; Van Den Adel, B; Meinshausen, M; Dooley, K; Briggs, C; Dominish, E; Giurco, D; Florin, N; Morris, T; Nagrath, K
2018-04-05"Slowing" and "narrowing" the flow of metals for consumer goods: Evaluating opportunities and barriersDominish, E; Retamal, M; Sharpe, S; Lane, R; Rhamdhani, MA; Corder, G; Giurco, D; Florin, N
2018-01-23Impact of Flue Gas Compounds on Microalgae and Mechanisms for Carbon Assimilation and UtilizationVuppaladadiyam, AK; Yao, JG; Florin, N; George, A; Wang, X; Labeeuw, L; Jiang, Y; Davis, RW; Abbas, A; Ralph, P; Fennell, PS; Zhao, M
2017-11-20Sustainability evaluation of energy storage technologiesFlorin, N; Dominish, E
2017-11-01Australian Opportunities in a Circular Economy for Metals: Findings of the Wealth from Waste ClusterDominish, E; Florin, N; Giurco, D; Corder, G; Golev, A; Lane, R; Rhamdhani, A; Reck, B; Graedel, T; Sharpe, S; Edwards, M; Benn, S; Brooks, G