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1-Jul-2016Renewable Energy and Deep Sea Mining: Supply, Demand and ScenariosTeske, S; Florin, N; Dominish, E; Giurco, D
6-Jun-2016Assessment of waste to energy as a resource recovery intervention using system dynamics: A case study of New South Wales, AustraliaMadden, B; Florin, N; Giurco, D
16-May-2016Energy-mineral Nexus: Tensions between Integration and ReconfigurationGiurco, D; Teske, S; Fam, DM; Florin, N
6-Apr-2016Techno-economic evaluation of co-firing biomass gas with natural gas in existing NGCC plants with and without CO2 captureKhorshidi, Z; Florin, N; Ho, M; Wiley, D
2016Carbon Capture in the Cement Industry: Technologies, Progress, and RetrofittingHills, T; Leeson, D; Florin, N; Fennell, P
Jun-2015Statistical analysis of the carbonation rate of concreteHills, T; Gordon, F; Florin, N; Fennell, P
21-May-2015Calcium looping technologies for gasification and reformingFlorin, N; Boot-Handford, M; Fennell, P; Boot-Handford, M; Fennell, P
1-Jan-2015Decentralised energy futures: the changing emissions reduction landscapeMcLellan, B; Florin, N; Giurco, D; Kishita, Y; Itaoka, K; Tezuka, T
2015Decentralised energy futures: the changing emissions reduction landscapeMcLennan, B; Florin, N; Giurco, D; Kishita, Y; Itaoka, K; Tezuka, T; Kara, S
2015Business models for a circular world: the case of metalsFlorin, N; Sharpe, S; Wright, S; Giurco, D; Ludwig, C; Matasci, C; Edelmann, X
Feb-2014A review of the technologies, economies and policy instruments for decarbonising energy intensive manufacturing industriesNapp, TA; Gambhir, A; Hills, TP; Florin, N; Fennell, PS
1-Jan-2013Integrating Calcium Looping CO2 Capture with the Manufacture of CementDean, C; Hills, T; Florin, N; Dugwell, D; Fennell, PS; Dixon, T; Yamaji, K
Jan-2012Carbon Capture: Materials & Process EngineeringFlorin, N; MacDowell, N; Fennell, P; Letcher, TM; Scott, JL
Jan-2012CCS for Industrial SourcesFennell, PS; Florin, N; Napp, TA; Hills, TP
Jan-2012Life cycle greenhouse gas assessment of a coal-fired power station with calcium looping CO2 capture and offshore geological storageHurst, TF; Cockerill, TT; Florin, N
Jan-2012Influence of High-Temperature Steam on the Reactivity of CaO Sorbent for CO2 CaptureDonat, F; Florin, N; Anthony, E; Fennell, PS
Jan-2011Synthetic CaO-based sorbent for CO2 captureFlorin, N; Fennell, PS
Jan-2011The calcium looping cycle for CO2 capture from power generation, cement manufacture and hydrogen productionDean, CC; Blamey, J; Florin, N; Al-Jeboori, M; Fennell, PS
Jan-2011Hydrogen Synthesis From Biomass Pyrolysis With In Situ Carbon Dioxide Capture Using Calcium OxideWidyawati, M; Church, T; Florin, N; Harris, AT
Jan-2010Synthetic CaO-based sorbent for CO2 capture from large-point sourcesFlorin, N; Blamey, J; Fennell, PS