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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2018Refreshing critical pedagogy and citizenship education through the lens of justice and complexity pedagogyHeggart, K; Flowers, R; Burridge, N; Arvanitakis, J
1-Jan-2018Lasting Impressions: Ethnic Food Tour Guides and Body Work in Southwestern SydneySwan, E; Flowers, R
1-Aug-2017Seeing benevolently: Representational politics and digital race formation on ethnic food tour webpagesFlowers, R; Swan, E
3-Jul-2017Bring a plate: Facilitating experimentation in The Welcome Dinner ProjectFlowers, R; Swan, E
2017The potential of popular education. Social action of adult education using the example of the pro-refugee movement Soziales Handeln der Erwachsenenbildung am Beispiel der Pro-Flüchtlingsbewegung: Das Potenzial der Popular EducationFlowers, R
21-Jun-2016Deliberate and Emergent Approaches to Practice-Development: Lessons learned from the Australian Environment MovementFlowers, R; Trede, F; McEwen, C
1-Feb-2016A university’s relationship to activist and academic research in adult and popular educationFlowers, R
2015Multiculturalism as Work: The Emotional Labour of Ethnic Food Tour GuidesFlowers, R; Swan, SE; Abbots, EJ; Lavis, A; Attala, ML
1-Dec-2012Introduction: Why food? Why pedagogy? Why adult education?Flowers, R; Swan, E
1-Dec-2012Pedagogies of doing good: Problematisations, authorities, technologies and teleologies in food activismFlowers, R; Swan, E
Jan-2012Eating the Asian Other? Pedagogies of Food Multiculturalism in AustraliaFlowers, R; Swan, E
Jan-2011Historical musings about popular education in AustraliaFlowers, R
Jan-2011Eating at Us: Representations of Knowledge in the activist documentary film Food IncFlowers, R; Swan, E
18-Sep-2009Mobilising for Climate ActionFlowers, R; Goodman, J; Pearse, R
1-Jul-2009Developing a more research-oriented and participant-directed learning culture in the Australian environmental movementFlowers, R; Chodkiewicz, A
27-May-2009Developing a research-oriented and participant-directed learning culture in the Australian environment movementFlowers, R
Jan-2009Popular and environmental education: The need for more research in an 'emerging' field of practiceFlowers, R; Guevara, R; Whelan, J
Jan-2009Can competency assessment support struggles for community development and self-determinationFlowers, R
Jan-2009Communities and schools tackling sustainability and climate change: the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative in NSWFlowers, R; Chodkiewicz, AK
Jan-2009Traditions of Popular EducationFlowers, R