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Jan-2013Measuring and valuing quality of life for public health research: application of the ICECAP-O capability index in the Australian general population.Couzner, L; Ratcliffe, J; Lester, L; Flynn, TN; Crotty, M
Jan-2013Women and their partners' preferences for Down's syndrome screening tests: a discrete choice experimentCarroll, F; Al-janabi, H; Flynn, TN; Montgomery, AR
Jan-2013An Introduction to the Application of (Case 1) Best-Worst Scalling in Marketing ResearchLouviere, JJ; Lings, IN; Islam, T; Gudergan, S; Flynn, TN
Jan-2013An investigation of the construct validity of the ICECAP-A capability measureAl-Janabi, H; Peters, T; Brazier, JE; Bryan, S; Flynn, TN; Clemens, S; Moody, A; Coast, J
Jan-2012Developing adolescent-specific health state values for economic evaluation: an application of profile case best-worst scaling to the Child Health Utility 9DRatcliffe, J; Flynn, TN; Terlich, FF; Stevens, K; Brazier, JE; Sawyer, M
Jan-2012Using best-worst scaling in horizon scanning for hepatocellular carcinoma technologiesGallego, G; Bridges, J; Flynn, TN; Blauvelt, B; Niessen, L
Jan-2012An Assessment of the Construct Validity of the ASCOT Measure of Social Care-Related Quality of Life with Older PeopleMalley, JN; Towers, A; Netten, AP; Brazier, JE; Forder, J; Flynn, TN
Jan-2012Using Qualitative Methods For Attribute Development For Discrete Choice Experiments: Issues And RecommendationsCoast, J; Al-Janabi, H; Sutton, E; Horrocks, SA; Vosper, AJ; Swancutt, DR; Flynn, TN
Jan-2012An assessment of the construct validity of the CHU9D in an adolescnet general population sampleRatcliffe, J; Stevens, K; Flynn, TN; Brazier, JE; Sawyer, M
Jan-2012Development of a self-report measure of capability wellbeing for adults: the ICECAP-AAl-Janabi, H; Flynn, TN; Coast, J
Jan-2012Outcomes Of Social Care For Adults: Developing A Preference-Weighted MeasureNetten, AP; Burge, P; Malley, JN; Potoglou, D; Towers, A; Brazier, JE; Flynn, TN; Forder, J; Wall, B
Jan-2012Whose values in health? An empirical comparision of the application of adolescent and adult values for the CHU9D adn AQOL-6D in the Australian adolescent general populationRatcliffe, J; Stevens, K; Flynn, TN; Brazier, JE; Sawyer, M
Jan-2011Best-worst scaling vs. discrete choice experiments: An empirical comparison using social care dataPotoglou, D; Burge, P; Flynn, TN; Netten, AP; Malley, JN; Forder, J; Brazier, JE
Jan-2011Estimation of a Preference-Based Carer Experience ScaleAl-Janabi, H; Flynn, TN; Coast, J
Jan-2011Valuing Child Health Utility 9D Health States with a young adolescent sample: a feasibility study to compare best worst discrete choice, standard gamble and time trade off methods.Ratcliffe, J; Couzner, L; Flynn, TN; Sawyer, M; Stevens, K; Brazier, JE; Burgess, LB
Jan-2011Assessing Quality of Life among British Older People Using the ICEPOP CAPability (ICECAP-O) measureFlynn, TN; Chan, P; Peters, T; Coast, J
Jan-2011QALYs and CarersFlynn, TN; Al-Janabi, H
Jan-2010Using conjoint analysis and choice experiments to estimate QALY values: Issues to considerFlynn, TN
Jan-2010Using best-worst scaling choice experiments to measure public perceptions and preferences for healthcare reform in AustraliaLouviere, JJ; Flynn, TN
Jan-2010Discrete choice experiments are not conjoint analysisLouviere, JJ; Flynn, TN; Carson, R