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2022-01-01Metabolomic profiling of anthropogenically threatened Australian seagrass Zostera muelleri using one- and two-dimensional gas chromatographyKuzhiumparambil, U; Kumar, M; Nizio, KD; Alonso, D; Gorst-Allman, P; Kelly, C; MacLeod, B; Forbes, S; Ralph, P
2021-01-01Infrared SpectroscopyStuart, B; Wolstenholme, R; Jickells, S; Forbes, S
2020-03-17Application of a Microfluidic Gas-to-Liquid Interface for Extraction of Target Amphetamines and Precursors from Air Samples.Collins, M; Gel, M; Lennard, C; Spikmans, V; Forbes, S; Anderson, A
2019-11-01Using PMCT of Individuals of Known Age to Test the Suchey–Brooks Method of Aging in Victoria, AustraliaHall, F; Forbes, S; Rowbotham, S; Blau, S
2019-10-01Volatile organic compound analysis of accelerant detection canine distractor odoursLeung, D; Forbes, S; Maynard, P
2018-02-05Time Since Death in Bioarchaeology and Human OsteologyForbes, S; Ueland, M; Smith, C
2017-12-01Body farmsForbes, S
2017-06-01Global developments in forensic geologyDi Maggio, RM; Donnelly, LJ; Al Naimi, KS; Barone, PM; Da Silva Salvador, FA; Dawson, L; Dixon, R; Fitzpatrick, R; Gradusova, O; Nesterina, E; Peleneva, M; Ushacova, O; Gallego, CMM; Pirrie, D; Ruffell, A; McKinley, J; Sagripanti, G; Villalba, D; Schneck, B; Sugita, R; Wach, G; Silva, R; Forbes, S
2014-01-01Search protocols for hidden forensic objects beneath floors and within wallsRuffell, A; Pringle, JK; Forbes, S
2012-09-14Analysis of synthetic canine training aids by comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography-time of flight mass spectrometryStadler, S; Stefanuto, PH; Byer, JD; Brokl, M; Forbes, S; Focant, JF
2011-03-01A study of adipocere in soil collected from a field leaching studyCassar, J; Stuart, B; Dent, B; Notter, S; Forbes, S; O'Brien, C; Dadour, I
2010-09-01Observations of the temporal variation in chemical content of decomposition fluid: A preliminary study using pigs as a model systemSwann, L; Forbes, S; Lewis, SW
2010-03-01Preliminary studies into the characterization of chemical markers of decomposition for geoforensicsSwann, L; Chidlow, GE; Forbes, S; Lewis, SW
2007-05-01TG-MS characterisation of pig bone in an inert atmosphereOnishi, A; Thomas, PS; Stuart, BH; Guerbois, JP; Forbes, S
2005The effect of the burial environment on adipocere formationForbes, S; Stuart, B; Dent, B
2005The effect of the method of burial on adipocere formationForbes, S; Stuart, B; Dent, B
2005The effect of soil type on adipocere formationForbes, S; Dent, B; Stuart, B
2004-07-01Time since death: A novel approach to dating skeletal remainsForbes, S