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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-01Forensic TaphonomyNienaber, C; Forbes, SL; Connor, M; Wescott, DJ; Ward, J; Steadman, DW; Colman, KL
2022-11-01A Multiscale Wavelet Kernel Regularization-Based Feature Extraction Method for Electronic NoseLiu, T; Zhang, W; Li, J; Ueland, M; Forbes, SL; Zheng, WX; Su, SW
2022-04-01The Use of Electronic Nose for the Classification of Blended and Single Malt Scotch WhiskyZhang, W; Liu, T; Brown, A; Ueland, M; Forbes, SL; Su, SW
2022-01-01The taphonomic impact of scavenger guilds in southern Quebec during summer and fall in two distinct habitats.Séguin, K; Durand-Guévin, A; Lavallée, C; Ouimet, F; Maisonhaute, J-É; Watson, CJ; Forbes, SL
2021-06-01Fresh vs. frozen human decomposition – A preliminary investigation of lipid degradation products as biomarkers of post-mortem intervalUeland, M; Collins, S; Maestrini, L; Forbes, SL; Luong, S
2021-04-17Detecting volatile organic compounds to locate human remains in a simulated collapsed building.Ueland, M; Harris, S; Forbes, SL
2021-04-01Overwintering behaviour of the skipper fly (Diptera: Piophilidae) of forensic importance in Québec, CanadaMaisonhaute, JÉ; Forbes, SL
2021-03Detecting grave sites from surface anomalies: A longitudinal study in an Australian woodland.Watson, CJ; Ueland, M; Schotsmans, EMJ; Sterenberg, J; Forbes, SL; Blau, S
2020-12-08Cadaver‐detection dogs: A review of their capabilities and the volatile organic compound profile of their associated training aidsDargan, R; Forbes, SL
2020-12-01Design of an efficient electronic nose system for odour analysis and assessmentZhang, W; Liu, T; Ueland, M; Forbes, SL; Wang, RX; Su, SW
2020-05-15A data-driven meat freshness monitoring and evaluation method using rapid centroid estimation and hidden Markov modelsLiu, T; Zhang, W; Yuwono, M; Zhang, M; Ueland, M; Forbes, SL; Su, SW
2020-01-02Recent advances in the estimation of post-mortem interval in forensic taphonomyIqbal, MA; Ueland, M; Forbes, SL
2020-01Arid Climate Adipocere-The Importance of Microenvironment.Byard, RW; Simpson, E; Forbes, SL
2020TSD estimation in the advanced stages of decompositionSchotsmans, EMJ; Van de Voorde, W; Forbes, SL
2019-11-01A novel multi-odour identification by electronic nose using non-parametric modelling-based feature extraction and time-series classificationLiu, T; Zhang, W; Ye, L; Ueland, M; Forbes, SL; Su, SW
2019-09-27The analysis of nitrate explosive vapour samples using Lab-on-a-chip instrumentationTaranto, V; Ueland, M; Forbes, SL; Blanes, L
2019-09-03A comparison of human and pig decomposition rates and odour profiles in an Australian environmentKnobel, Z; Ueland, M; Nizio, KD; Patel, D; Forbes, SL
2019-07-31Investigating the Sensitivity of Cadaver- Detection Dogs to Aged, Diluted Decomposition FluidBuis, R; Rust, L; Nizio, KD; Rai, T; Stuart, BH; Forbes, SL
2019-03-01Understanding clothed buried remains: the analysis of decomposition fluids and their influence on clothing in model burial environmentsUeland, M; Forbes, SL; Stuart, BH
2019-03-01A sponsorship action plan for increasing diversity in STEMMHuston, WM; Cranfield, CG; Forbes, SL; Leigh, A