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15-Aug-2016An ultra-low bandgap diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP)-based polymer with balanced ambipolar charge transport for organic field-effect transistorsJiang, T; Xue, Z; Ford, M; Shaw, J; Cao, X; Tao, Y; Hu, Y; Huang, W
Jan-2014Determination of the elastic properties of graphene by indentation and the validity of classical models of indentationFair, K; Arnold, MD; Ford, M
Jan-2013Hydrogen Adsorption Capacity Of Adatoms On Double Carbon Vacancies Of Graphene: A Trend Study From First PrinciplesFair, K; Cui, X; Li, L; Shieh, C; Zheng, R; Liu, Z; Delley, B; Ford, M; Ringer, SP; Stampfl, CM
Jan-2013Li-ion adsorption and diffusion on 2D Silicon with defects: a first principles studySetiadi, J; Arnold, MD; Ford, M
Jan-2012Damping of plasmons of closely coupled sphere chains due to disordered gapsScheurer, MS; Arnold, MD; Setiadi, J; Ford, M
Jan-2012Role of activated chemisorption in gas-mediated electron beam induced depositionBishop, JD; Lobo, C; Martin, AA; Ford, M; Phillips, M; Toth, M
Jan-2012Mesoporous NiO crystals with dominantly exposed {110} reactive facets for ultrafast lithium storageSu, D; Ford, M; Wang, G
Jan-2011Systematic Study Of Bimodal Suspensions Of Latex Nanoparticles Using Dynamic Light ScatteringJamting, A; Cullen, JC; Coleman, V; Lawn, M; Herrmann, J; Miles, J; Ford, M
Jan-2010The Physics and Optical Properties of GoldBlaber, MG; Ford, M; Cortie, MB; Corti, C; Holliday, R
Jan-2010Universal scaling of local plasmons in chains of metal spheresArnold, MD; Blaber, MG; Ford, M; Harris, N
Jan-2010Transmitting Hertzian Optical Nanoantenna with Free-Electron FeedDenisyuk, AI; Adamo, G; MacDonald, KF; Edgar, JA; Arnold, MD; Myroshnychenko, V; Ford, M; Javier, GDAF; Zheludev, NI
Jan-2010Designing materials for plasmonic systems: the alkali-noble intermetallicsBlaber, MG; Arnold, MD; Ford, M
2010A review of the optical properties of alloys and intermetallics for plasmonicsBlaber, M; Arnold, M; Ford, M
Jan-2009Plasmonic resonances of closely coupled gold nanosphere chainsHarris, N; Arnold, MD; Blaber, MG; Ford, M
Jan-2009Rapid and Controllable Sintering of Gold Nanoparticle Inks at Room Temperature Using a Chemical AgentCoutts, MJ; Cortie, MB; Ford, M; McDonagh, AM
Jan-2009Optical properties of intermetallic compounds from first principles calculations: a search for the ideal plasmonic materialBlaber, MG; Arnold, MD; Ford, M
Jan-2009Search for the ideal plasmonic nanoshell: the effects of surface scattering and alternatives to gold and silverBlaber, MG; Arnold, MD; Ford, M
2009Rapid and Controllable Sintering of Gold Nanoparticle Inks at Room Temperature Using a Chemical AgentFord, M; Cortie, M; McDonagh, A; Coutts, M
Jan-2008First principles calculations using density matrix divide-and-conquer within the SIESTA methodologyCankurtaran, BO; Gale, JD; Ford, M
Jan-2008Tunable infrared absorption by metal nanoparticles: The case for gold rods and shellsHarris, N; Ford, M; Mulvaney, P; Cortie, MB