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2022-12-31Density functionals with asymptotic-potential corrections are required for the simulation of spectroscopic properties of materialsLi, M; Kobayashi, R; Amos, RD; Ford, MJ; Reimers, JR
2021-08-22Active Learning in Bayesian Neural Networks for Bandgap Predictions of Novel Van der Waals HeterostructuresFronzi, M; Isayev, O; Winkler, DA; Shapter, JG; Ellis, AV; Sherrell, PC; Shepelin, NA; Corletto, A; Ford, MJ
2021-05-19Accurate prediction of the properties of materials using the CAM‐B3LYP density functionalLi, M; Reimers, JR; Ford, MJ; Kobayashi, R; Amos, RD
2021-03Identifying carbon as the source of visible single-photon emission from hexagonal boron nitride.Mendelson, N; Chugh, D; Reimers, JR; Cheng, TS; Gottscholl, A; Long, H; Mellor, CJ; Zettl, A; Dyakonov, V; Beton, PH; Novikov, SV; Jagadish, C; Tan, HH; Ford, MJ; Toth, M; Bradac, C; Aharonovich, I
2020-09-24Convergence of Defect Energetics CalculationsReimers, JR; Sajid, A; Kobayashi, R; Ford, MJ
2020-08-30Role of knock-on in electron beam induced etching of diamondFronzi, M; Bishop, J; Assadi, MHN; Regan, B; Stampfl, C; Aharonovich, I; Ford, MJ; Toth, M
2020-07-01Observation of near-infrared sub-Poissonian photon emission in hexagonal boron nitride at room temperatureCamphausen, R; Marini, L; Tawfik, SA; Tran, TT; Ford, MJ; Palomba, S
2020-06-29Photoluminescence and photochemistry of the $V_B^-$ defect in hexagonal boron nitrideReimers, JR; Shen, J; Kianinia, M; Bradac, C; Aharonovich, I; Ford, MJ; Piecuch, P
2020-03-02Identifying Carbon as the Source of Visible Single Photon Emission from Hexagonal Boron NitrideMendelson, N; Chugh, D; Reimers, JR; Cheng, TS; Gottscholl, A; Long, H; Mellor, CJ; Zettl, A; Dyakonov, V; Beton, PH; Novikov, SV; Jagadish, C; Tan, HH; Ford, MJ; Toth, M; Bradac, C; Aharonovich, I
2020-01-01High Throughput Screening of Millions of van der Waals Heterostructures for Superlubricant ApplicationsFronzi, M; Tawfik, SA; Ghazaleh, MA; Isayev, O; Winkler, DA; Shapter, J; Ford, MJ
2019-12-17Single-photon emitters in hexagonal boron nitride: a review of progress.Sajid, A; Ford, MJ; Reimers, JR
2019-05-10Efficient Production of Phosphorene Nanosheets via Shear Stress Mediated Exfoliation for Low-Temperature Perovskite Solar CellsBatmunkh, M; Vimalanathan, K; Wu, C; Bati, ASR; Yu, L; Tawfik, SA; Ford, MJ; Macdonald, TJ; Raston, CL; Priya, S; Gibson, CT; Shapter, JG
2019-01-01Efficient Prediction of Structural and Electronic Properties of Hybrid 2D Materials Using Complementary DFT and Machine Learning ApproachesTawfik, SA; Isayev, O; Stampfl, C; Shapter, J; Winkler, DA; Ford, MJ
2019-01-01Structure, stability and water adsorption on ultra-thin TiO<inf>2</inf> supported on TiNGutiérrez Moreno, JJ; Fronzi, M; Lovera, P; O'Riordan, A; Ford, MJ; Li, W; Nolan, M
2018-10-04Van der Waals Forces Control the Internal Chemical Structure of Monolayers within the Lamellar Materials CuInP<inf>2</inf>S<inf>6</inf> and CuBiP<inf>2</inf>Se<inf>6</inf>Tawfik, SA; Reimers, JR; Stampfl, C; Ford, MJ
2018-09-30Ab Initio Investigation of Water Adsorption and Hydrogen Evolution on Co<inf>9</inf>S<inf>8</inf> and Co<inf>3</inf>S<inf>4</inf> Low-Index SurfacesFronzi, M; Assadi, MHN; Ford, MJ
2018-03-27Deterministic Nanopatterning of Diamond Using Electron BeamsBishop, J; Fronzi, M; Elbadawi, C; Nikam, V; Pritchard, J; Fröch, JE; Duong, NMH; Ford, MJ; Aharonovich, I; Lobo, CJ; Toth, M
2018-03-22Evaluation of van der Waals density functionals for layered materialsTawfik, SA; Gould, T; Stampfl, C; Ford, MJ
2018-03-13Understanding and Calibrating Density-Functional-Theory Calculations Describing the Energy and Spectroscopy of Defect Sites in Hexagonal Boron NitrideReimers, JR; Sajid, A; Kobayashi, R; Ford, MJ
2018-03-01Electrocatalytic Activity of a 2D Phosphorene-Based Heteroelectrocatalyst for Photoelectrochemical CellsBatmunkh, M; Shrestha, A; Bat-Erdene, M; Nine, MJ; Shearer, CJ; Gibson, CT; Slattery, AD; Tawfik, SA; Ford, MJ; Dai, S; Qiao, S; Shapter, JG