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Jan-2012Raw Materials for the Imagination: Kluge's Work for TelevisionForrest, T; Tara Forrest
Jan-2012A Negative Utopia: Michael Haneke's Fragmentary CinemaForrest, T; Ginsberg, T; Mensch, A
Jan-2012A Realism of Protest: Christoph Schlingensief's Television ExperimentsForrest, T
Jan-2011Tlo, Inspiracje, KontekstForrest, T; Scheer, AT; Forrest, T; Scheer, AT
Jan-2011Twarzy Dysonans: Schlingensief, Adorno I Freakstars 3000Forrest, T; Forrest, T; Scheer, AT
Jan-2011Creative Co-productions: Alexander Kluge's Television ExperimentsForrest, T; Fischer, G; Vassen, F
Jan-2010Background, Inspiration, ContextsForrest, T; Scheer, A; Forrest, T; Scheer, AT
Jan-2010Productive Discord: Schlingensief, Adorno, and 'Freakstars 3000'Forrest, T; Forrest, T; Scheer, AT
Jan-2008Botanising on the Asphalt: Benjamin and Practices of FlanerieForrest, T; Schlunke, K; Anderson, N
Jan-2008Introduction: A Fragmented Stew of Themes and IssuesForrest, T
Jan-2008Mobilizing the Public Sphere: Schlingensief's Reality TheatreForrest, T
Jan-2007The Politics of Imagination: Benjamin, Kracauer, KlugeForrest, T
Jan-2006On the Significance of Extraterritoriality in Siegfried Kracauer's Writings on Film and HistoryForrest, T; Hartung, G; Schiller, K
Jan-2005The Politics of Aura and Imagination in Benjamin's Writings on HashishForrest, T; Petersson, D; Steinskog, E
Jan-2005Re-Thinking television: Alexander Kluge's cultural magazine programmesForrest, T
Jan-2005From history's rubble: On the future of the past in the work of Alexander KlugeForrest, T
2005Re-Thinking television: Alexander Kluge's cultural magazine programmesForrest, T
Jan-2002Benjamin, Proust, and the Rejuvenating Powers of MemoryForrest, T