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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Dec-2018Extending and operationalizing construction productivity measurement on building projectsForsythe, P
1-Dec-2018Evaluation of Terrestrial and Mobile Scanner Technologies for Part-Built Information ModelingSepasgozar, SME; Forsythe, P; Shirowzhan, S
6-Aug-2018Quantifying demolition fitout waste from Australian office buildingsForsythe, P; Ahmadian Fard Fini, A
1-Jan-2018Work practices of onsite construction crews and their influence on productivityLoganathan, S; Forsythe, P; Kalidindi, SN
2018Trialling the Value of RFID Technology in Prefabricated Timber ConstructionForsythe, P; Ahmadian Fard Fini, A
1-Oct-2017Increasing wood based office fitout for sustainable life cycle benefitsForsythe, P; Ding, KG
1-Sep-2017Automated classification of construction site hazard zones by crowd-sourced integrated density mapsLi, H; Yang, X; Skitmore, M; Wang, F; Forsythe, P
1-Jan-2017Quantifying the recurring nature of fitout to assist LCA studies in office buildingsForsythe, P
2017A Study Comparing the Global Warming Potential of Timber and Reinforced Concrete Construction in Office and Apartment BuildingsDing, G; Forsythe, P
2-Oct-2016Innovative construction and the role of boundary objects: a Gehry case studyNaar, L; Nikolova, N; Forsythe, P
1-Jan-2016A comparative study of floor construction on sloping sites: An analysis of cumulative energy demand and greenhouse gas emissionsDing, G; Forsythe, P
1-Jan-2016Practical challenges of BIM educationPuolitaival, T; Forsythe, P
2016Dynamic modelling of cranes and concrete pumps diffusion in the construction industrySepasgozar, S; Forsythe, P; Cheng, JCP; Dawood, N; Kuang, JS
13-Feb-2015The role of BIM in reducing information asymmetry in construction projectsForsythe, P; Sankaran, S; Subramanyan, H; Biesenthal, C; Jain, K; Pundir, AK; Khanapuri, VB; Acharya, P; Dixit, V
1-Jan-2015Monitoring customer perceived service quality and satisfaction during the construction processForsythe, P
1-Jan-2015Measuring office fit-out changes to determine recurring embodied energy in building life cycle assessmentForsythe, P; Wilkinson, SJ
1-Jan-2015How far can BIM reduce information asymmetry in the Australian construction context?Forsythe, P; Sankaran, S; Biesenthal, C
1-Jan-2014Greenhouse gas emissions from excavation on residential construction sitesForsythe, P; Ding, G
1-Jan-2014The case for BIM uptake among small construction contracting businessesForsythe, P
1-Jan-2014Complaints and disputes among occupants within apartment developmentsForsythe, P; Antoniades, H