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2022-01-01Using existing site surveillance cameras to automatically measure the installation speed in prefabricated timber constructionAhmadian Fard Fini, A; Maghrebi, M; Forsythe, PJ; Waller, TS
2017-10-23Application of RFID in the Prefabricated Timber IndustryForsythe, PJ; Carey, B; Lamb, M
2016-05-16Construction service quality and satisfaction for a targeted housing customerForsythe, PJ
2016Measuring installation productivity on panellised and long span timber constructionForsythe, PJ; Brisland, R; Sepasgozar, S
2016Lifting and handling equipment: From selection to adoption processSepasgozar, SME; Forsythe, PJ; Singhaputtangkul, N
2016Scanners and Photography: A combined frameworkSepasgozar, SME; Forsythe, PJ; Shirowzhan, S; Singhaputtangkul, N
2015-12Rethinking Office Construction - Consider TimberForsythe, PJ
2015-12Rethinking Industrial Shed Construction - Consider TimberForsythe, PJ
2015-12Rethinking Aged Care Construction - Consider TimberForsythe, PJ
2015-12Rethinking Apartment Building Construction - Consider TimberForsythe, PJ
2015-07-08Assessment in virtual design and construction educationPuolitaival, T; Kestle, L; Davies, K; Forsythe, PJ
2015-07-08Collaboration to improve constructability in detailed design phase – can bim and relational contracting help?Abd Al-Salam, M; Forsythe, PJ
2015Challenges facing BIM education: development of appropriate teaching and learning resourcesPuolitaival, T; Forsythe, PJ; Kähkönen, K
2014-03In Pursuit of Value on Large Public Projects Using “Spatially Related Value-metrics” and “Virtually Integrated Precinct Information Modeling”Forsythe, PJ; Radujkovic, M; Vukomanovic, M; Wagner, R
2014-01-01Is there really a case for Off-Site Manufacturing?Duc, E; Forsythe, PJ; Orr, K
2014The Productivity of Steel Reinforcement Placement in Australian ConstructionForsythe, PJ
2013-03-01Sustainable construction: Life cycle energy analysis of construction on sloping sites for residential buildingsDing, G; Forsythe, PJ
2013-01Education in Undergraduate Construction Management Degrees - Is it "Construction" or "Management" that is in bold type?Antoniades, H; Forsythe, PJ; Gómez Chova, L; López Martínez, A; Candel Torres, I
2013-01Building Information Modelling in Tertiary Construction Project Management Education: A Programme-wide Implementation StrategyForsythe, PJ; Jupp, JR; Sawhney, A
2013-01Residential Timber Construction - Evaluating Emerging TechnologiesForsythe, PJ; Carrick, J; Gonzalez, V; Yiu, TW