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2023-06Medicinal cannabis in palliative medicine: lessons learnt from randomised controlled trials.Gurgenci, T; Hardy, J; Olson, R; Huggett, G; Foster, K; Good, P
2022-10Mental health nurses' resilience in the context of emotional labour: An interpretive qualitative study.Delgado, C; Evans, A; Roche, M; Foster, K
2022-01-01Survival following palliative percutaneous nephrostomy tube insertion in patients with malignant ureteric obstruction: Validating a prognostic modelGunawan, B; Foster, K; Hardy, J; Good, P
2021-10Mental health nurses' psychological well-being, mental distress, and workplace resilience: A cross-sectional survey.Delgado, C; Roche, M; Fethney, J; Foster, K
2019-02-01Resilience and mental health nursing: An integrative review of international literatureFoster, K; Roche, M; Delgado, C; Cuzzillo, C; Giandinoto, JA; Furness, T
2018-10-01On PAR: A feasibility study of the Promoting Adult Resilience programme with mental health nursesFoster, K; Shochet, I; Wurfl, A; Roche, M; Maybery, D; Shakespeare-Finch, J; Furness, T
2017-02-01Participants' Voices From Within a Healthy Lifestyle GroupPark, T; Foster, K; Usher, K
2016Creating walking tracks to success: A narrative analysis of AustralianAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nursing students’ stories ofsuccess.West, R; Foster, K; Usher, K
2015-01-01Collaboration amongst clinical nursing leadership teams: A mixed-methods sequential explanatory studyLamont, S; Brunero, S; Lyons, S; Foster, K; Perry, L