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2024-11Policy and regulatory context for self-supplied drinking water services in two cities in Indonesia: Priorities for managing risksPriadi, CR; Suleeman, E; Darmajanti, L; Putri, GL; Genter, F; Foster, T; Willetts, J
2023Understanding household self-supply use and management using a mixed-methods approach in urban IndonesiaGenter, F; Putri, GL; Suleeman, E; Darmajanti, L; Priadi, C; Foster, T; Willetts, J; Herrera, M
2022-12-15Self-supply of water in Asia and the Pacific: Country ProfilesFoster, T; Gonzalez Botero, D
2022-12-06Self-supply in the Asia-Pacific region: Immense but overlooked contributor to SDG6 in rural areasFoster, T
2022-10-16A longitudinal study of multiple water source use in Bekasi, Indonesia: implications for monitoring safely-managed servicesPriadi, CR; Putri, GL; Jannah, QN; Maryati, S; Afriana, A; Pratama, MA; Foster, T; Willetts, J
2022-10-07Microbial Contamination of Groundwater Self‐supply in urban Indonesia: Assessment of Sanitary and Socio‐economic Risk factorsGenter, F; Putri, GL; Pratama, MA; Priadi, C; Willetts, J; Foster, T
2022-08-24Understanding household self-supply use and management in urban IndonesiaGenter, F; Putri, G; Suleeman, E; Darmajanti, L; Foster, T; Willetts, J
2022-04-11Self-supply for safely managed water: To promote or to deter?Foster, T; Willetts, J; Putri, G; Priadi, C; Odagiri, M
2022-04-01Insight into the role of polydopamine nanostructures on nickel foam-based photothermal materials for solar water evaporationIbrahim, I; Hossain, SM; Seo, DH; McDonagh, A; Foster, T; Shon, HK; Tijing, L
2022-03-30Investing in professionalized maintenance to increase social and economic returns from drinking water infrastructure in rural KenyaFoster, T; Hope, R; Nyaga, C; Koehler, J; Katuva, J; Thomson, P; Gladstone, N
2022-03-01Review of water safety planning processes and options for improved climate resilient infrastructure in VanuatuRand, EC; Foster, T; Sami, E; Sammy, E
2022-01-05Evaluation of Groundwater Self-Supply Safety and Associated Risk Factors in Urban IndonesiaGenter, F; Putri, G; Priadi, C; Willetts, J; Foster, T
2022-01-01Supporting the poor to access sanitation: key lessons from targeted household consumer subsidies in CambodiaKohlitz, J; Lala, S; Bartell, J; Halcrow, G; Foster, T; Willetts, J
2021-12Self-supplied drinking water in low- and middle-income countries in the Asia-PacificFoster, T; Priadi, C; Kotra, KK; Odagiri, M; Rand, EC; Willetts, J
2021-10-25Unpacking inequalities in rural access to Nepal’s safely managed water servicesFoster, T; Lala, S; Budhathoki, R; Yadav, A; Singh, RP; Chhetri, S; Chhetri, A; Dhakal, S
2021-10-06Contending with Water Shortages in the Pacific: Performance of Private Rainwater Tanks versus Communal Rainwater Tanks in Rural VanuatuFoster, T; Rand, E; Kotra, KK; Sami, E; Willetts, J
2021-09A method for correcting underestimation of enteric pathogen genome quantities in environmental samplesLiu, P; Amin, N; Miah, R; Foster, T; Raj, S; Corpuz, MJB; Rahman, M; Willetts, J; Moe, CL
2021-07-26Interrogating the motivation mechanisms and claims of asset-based community development with self-determination theoryCunningham, I; Willetts, J; Winterford, K; Foster, T
2021-06-24Self-Supply Service Level Assessment as Drinking Water Source in Bekasi City (Case Study: Jatiluhur, Sumur Batu, and Jatirangga Villages)Harera, A; Putri, GL; Foster, T
2021-06-24Effectiveness of Groundwater Boiling as Household Water Treatment in Metro and Bekasi Cities, IndonesiaGhaudenson, R; Priadi, CR; Foster, T