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2023-07Learning through relationships: The transformative learning experience of midwifery continuity of care for students: A qualitative study.Hainsworth, N; Cummins, A; Newnham, E; Foureur, M
2022-06-14Influence of gestational weight gain on baby's birth weight in Addis Ababa, Central Ethiopia: a follow-up study.Asefa, F; Cummins, A; Dessie, Y; Foureur, M; Hayen, A
2021-12-07Harnessing technology to enable all women mobility in labour and birth: feasibility of implementing beltless non-invasive fetal ECG applying the NASSS framework.Fox, D; Coddington, R; Scarf, V; Bisits, A; Lainchbury, A; Woodworth, R; Maude, R; Foureur, M; Sandall, J
2021-12Intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis for women who are screened positive for group B streptococcal colonisation: Clinical compliance with the guideline.Braye, K; Ferguson, J; Ball, J; Foureur, M
2021-10-19An implementation intervention to increase the routine provision of antenatal care addressing gestational weight gain: study protocol for a stepped-wedge cluster trial.Kingsland, M; Hollis, J; Farragher, E; Wolfenden, L; Campbell, K; Pennell, C; Reeves, P; Tully, B; Daly, J; Attia, J; Oldmeadow, C; Hunter, M; Murray, H; Paolucci, F; Foureur, M; Rissel, C; Gillham, K; Wiggers, J
2021-10Shoulder dystocia: A panic station or an opportunity for post-traumatic growth?Minooee, S; Cummins, A; Foureur, M; Travaglia, J
2021-08-08Midwives knowledge and education/training in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM): A national surveyMollart, L; Stulz, V; Foureur, M
2021-07-28Patterns and predictors of gestational weight gain in Addis Ababa, Central Ethiopia: a prospective cohort studyAsefa, F; Cummins, A; Dessie, Y; Foureur, M; Hayen, A
2021-06-05Midwifery continuity of care and vaginal birth after caesarean section: A randomised controlled trial.Homer, CSE; Davis, DL; Mollart, L; Turkmani, S; Smith, RM; Bullard, M; Leiser, B; Foureur, M
2021-05-20Inter-hospital and inter-disciplinary variation in planned birth practices and readiness for change: a survey studyCoates, D; Donnolley, N; Foureur, M; Henry, A
2021-05Factors associated with women's birth beliefs and experiences of decision-making in the context of planned birth: A survey study.Coates, D; Donnolley, N; Foureur, M; Thirukumar, P; Henry, A
2021-02-01Catastrophic thinking: Is it the legacy of traumatic births? Midwives' experiences of shoulder dystocia complicated births.Minooee, S; Cummins, A; Foureur, M; Travaglia, J
2021-01-01The effects of nurse-delivered caregiving in the neonatal setting: An integrative reviewGriffiths, N; Laing, S; Spence, K; Foureur, M; Sinclair, L
2021-01Correction: Midwives' and obstetricians' perspectives about pregnancy related weight management in Ethiopia: A qualitative study.Asefa, F; Cummins, A; Dessie, Y; Foureur, M; Hayen, A
2020-11-19The use of continuous foetal monitoring technologies that enable mobility in labour for women with complex pregnancies: A survey of Australian and New Zealand hospitals.Fox, D; Maude, R; Coddington, R; Woodworth, R; Scarf, V; Watson, K; Foureur, M
2020-11-18The effects of education levels of developmental care in Australia: Perceptions and challenges.Griffiths, N; Spence, K; Galea, C; Psaila, K; Foureur, M; Sinclair, L
2020-09The acceptability and feasibility of implementing a Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO)-based asthma management strategy into antenatal care: The perspective of pregnant women with asthma.McLaughlin, K; Jensen, ME; Foureur, M; Gibson, P; Murphy, VE
2020-07-20PACE-IT study protocol: a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial evaluating the implementation of telehealth visual assessment in emergency care for people living in residential aged-care facilities.Sunner, C; Giles, MT; Parker, V; Dilworth, S; Bantawa, K; Kable, A; Oldmeadow, C; Foureur, M
2020-07-13Exploring unwarranted clinical variation: The attitudes of midwives and obstetric medical staff regarding induction of labour and planned caesarean section.Coates, D; Donnolley, N; Foureur, M; Spear, V; Henry, A
2020-05-30Choosing vaginal birth after caesarean section: Motivating factors.Davis, D; S Homer, C; Clack, D; Turkmani, S; Foureur, M