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2023-08The utility of otolith-based methods for discriminating stock structure of the fishery important monacanthid, Nelusetta ayraud, over an intermediate scaleGunton, H; Fowler, AM; Miller, ME; Booth, DJ; Stewart, J
2022-11-01Life-history traits and commercial catch composition of Chelidonichthys kumu in south-eastern AustraliaStewart, J; Fowler, AM; Meadows, NM; Johnson, DD
2022-08-26Habitat value of subsea wells and pipelines for fishery target species in AustraliaMcLean, D; Speed, CW; Birt, MJ; Colquhoun, J; Case, M; Stowar, M; Bond, T; Ierodiaconou, D; Whitmarsh, SK; Taylor, MD; Wines, S; Booth, DJ; Fowler, AM; Vaughan, BI
2022-08The use of environmental DNA to monitor impacted coastal estuaries.DiBattista, JD; Fowler, AM; Riley, IJ; Reader, S; Hay, A; Parkinson, K; Hobbs, J-PA
2022-07-01Robust environmental DNA assay development and validation: A case study with two vulnerable Australian fishWilkes Walburn, J; Rourke, ML; Furlan, E; DiBattista, JD; Broadhurst, MK; Fowler, AM; Hughes, JM; Fielder, S
2022-06Recruiting a long way from home: Domino damselfish Dascyllus trimaculatus can detect new temperate coral habitat and conspecifics.O'Connell, MJ; Fowler, AM; Allan, SJ; Beretta, GA; Booth, DJ
2022-06Influence of offshore oil and gas structures on seascape ecological connectivity.McLean, DL; Ferreira, LC; Benthuysen, JA; Miller, KJ; Schläppy, M-L; Ajemian, MJ; Berry, O; Birchenough, SNR; Bond, T; Boschetti, F; Bull, AS; Claisse, JT; Condie, SA; Consoli, P; Coolen, JWP; Elliott, M; Fortune, IS; Fowler, AM; Gillanders, BM; Harrison, HB; Hart, KM; Henry, L-A; Hewitt, CL; Hicks, N; Hock, K; Hyder, K; Love, M; Macreadie, PI; Miller, RJ; Montevecchi, WA; Nishimoto, MM; Page, HM; Paterson, DM; Pattiaratchi, CB; Pecl, GT; Porter, JS; Reeves, DB; Riginos, C; Rouse, S; Russell, DJF; Sherman, CDH; Teilmann, J; Todd, VLG; Treml, EA; Williamson, DH; Thums, M
2022-03-01Movement patterns of an iconic recreational fish species, mulloway (Argyrosomus japonicus), revealed by cooperative citizen-science tagging programs in coastal eastern AustraliaHughes, JM; Meadows, NM; Stewart, J; Booth, DJ; Fowler, AM
2022-03-01Integrating recreational fishing into harvest strategies: Linking data with objectivesFowler, AM; Ochwada-Doyle, FA; Dowling, NA; Folpp, H; Hughes, JM; Lowry, MB; Lyle, JM; Lynch, TP; Miles, NG; Chick, RC; Weltersbach, S
2022-01-01Environmental DNA (eDNA) as a tool for assessing fish biomass: A review of approaches and future considerations for resource surveysRourke, ML; Fowler, AM; Hughes, JM; Broadhurst, MK; DiBattista, JD; Fielder, S; Wilkes Walburn, J; Furlan, EM
2021-12-01Community-based citizen science projects can support the distributional monitoring of fishesDiBattista, JD; West, KM; Hay, AC; Hughes, JM; Fowler, AM; McGrouther, MA
2021-02-15Growth impacts in a changing ocean: insights from two coral reef fishes in an extreme environmentD’Agostino, D; Burt, JA; Santinelli, V; Vaughan, GO; Fowler, AM; Reader, T; Taylor, BM; Hoey, AS; Cavalcante, GH; Bauman, AG; Feary, DA
2021-01-01Prioritising fished stocks for monitoring and assessment: A decision analysis approach for diverse fisheries of limited commercial valueFowler, AM; Hall, KC; Liggins, GW; Chick, RC
2020-05-01The ecology of infrastructure decommissioning in the North Sea: What we need to know and how to achieve itFowler, AM; Jørgensen, AM; Coolen, JWP; Jones, DOB; Svendsen, JC; Brabant, R; Rumes, B; Degraer, S
2020-05The influence of rainfall on recruitment success and commercial catch for the large sciaenid, Argyrosomus japonicus, in eastern Australia.Stewart, J; Hughes, JM; Stanley, C; Fowler, AM
2020-04-15Enhancing the Scientific Value of Industry Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) in Our OceansMcLean, DL; Parsons, MJG; Gates, AR; Benfield, MC; Bond, T; Booth, DJ; Bunce, M; Fowler, AM; Harvey, ES; Macreadie, PI; Pattiaratchi, CB; Rouse, S; Partridge, JC; Thomson, PG; Todd, VLG; Jones, DOB
2019-12-01The effects of water temperature on the juvenile performance of two tropical damselfishes expatriating to temperate reefsDjurichkovic, LD; Donelson, JM; Fowler, AM; Feary, DA; Booth, DJ
2019-03-25Decommissioning of offshore oil and gas structures – Environmental opportunities and challengesSommer, B; Fowler, AM; Macreadie, PI; Palandro, DA; Aziz, AC; Booth, DJ
2019-01-01Macroalgal resource use differences across age and size classes in the dominant temperate herbivorous fish Aplodactylus lophodon (Aplodactylidae)Yiu, BA; Booth, DJ; Fowler, AM; Feary, DA
2019-01-01Global observing needs in the deep oceanLevin, LA; Bett, BJ; Gates, AR; Heimbach, P; Howe, BM; Janssen, F; McCurdy, A; Ruhl, HA; Snelgrove, P; Stocks, KI; Bailey, D; Baumann-Pickering, S; Beaverson, C; Benfield, MC; Booth, DJ; Carreiro-Silva, M; Colaço, A; Eblé, MC; Fowler, AM; Gjerde, KM; Jones, DOB; Katsumata, K; Kelley, D; Bris, NL; Leonardi, AP; Lejzerowicz, F; Macreadie, PI; McLean, D; Meitz, F; Morato, T; Netburn, A; Pawlowski, J; Smith, CR; Sun, S; Uchida, H; Vardaro, MF; Venkatesan, R; Weller, RA