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2023-06Factors Associated With Parenting Stress in Parents of Children With Nephrotic Syndrome: A Cross-Sectional Study.Du, W; Shen, Q; Fowler, C; Li, J; Wang, X; Zhang, M; Li, X; Wan, C; Yu, L
2022-12-15Bidirectional associations between parental feeding practices, infant appetitive traits and infant BMIz: a longitudinal cohort study.Burnett, AJ; Jansen, E; Appleton, J; Rossiter, C; Fowler, C; Denney-Wilson, E; Russell, CG
2022-11-01Residential parenting services: An integrative literature review of characteristics, service usage and parent and staff perspectives.Dahlen, HG; Ormsby, SM; Brownhill, S; Fowler, C; Schmied, V
2022-10-04Adapting community child and family health service models for rural and other diverse settings: A modified Delphi study to identify key elements.Stockton, DA; Fowler, C; Debono, D; Travaglia, J
2022-10Informing Infant Nutrition: Timing of Infant Formula Advice, Infant Formula Choice and Preparation in the First 6 Months of Life.Appleton, J; Russell, CG; Fowler, C; Jansen, E; Burnett, AJ; Rossiter, C; Denney-Wilson, E
2022-09-27Development of a framework for the collaborative adaptation of service models for child and family health in diverse settings (CASCADES).Stockton, DA; Fowler, C; Debono, D; Travaglia, J
2022-05-21Characteristics and co-admissions of mothers and babies admitted to residential parenting services in the year following birth in NSW: a linked population data study (2000-2012).Dahlen, HG; Schmied, V; Fowler, C; Peters, LL; Ormsby, S; Thornton, C
2021-12-24Infant Appetitive Phenotypes: A Group-Based Multi-Trajectory AnalysisRussell, CG; Appleton, J; Burnett, AJ; Rossiter, C; Fowler, C; Denney-Wilson, E; Jansen, E
2021-09-01‘The impact of the anti-vaccination movement and vaccine hesitancy on the health of the child’Green, J; Petty, J; Whiting, L; Orr, F; Walker, K; Brown, AM; Crisp, E; Fowler, C; Jones, L
2021-08-04Breastfeeding in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: A discussion paperWalker, K; Green, J; Petty, J; Whiting, L; Staff, L; Bromley, P; Fowler, C; Jones, LK
2021-05-19Exploring the knowledge of community‐based nurses in supporting parents of preterm babies at home: A survey‐based studyPetty, J; Whiting, L; Fowler, C; Green, J; Mosenthal, A
2021-05-02Part 2: COVID-19 and knowledge for midwifery practice-impact and care of the babyGreen, J; Jones, L; Petty, J; Bromley, P; Fowler, C; Walker, K
2021-04-08Bottle-feeding, a neglected area of learning and support for nurses working in child health: An exploratory qualitative study.Kotowski, J; Fowler, C; Orr, F
2021-04-02Part 1: COVID-19 and knowledge for midwifery practice - Impact and care of pregnant womenGreen, J; Jones, L; Petty, J; Bromley, P; Fowler, C; Walker, K
2021-03-20Maternal incarceration: Impact on parent-child relationships.Fowler, C; Rossiter, C; Power, T; Dawson, A; Jackson, D; Roche, MA
2021-03-09World Health Organization building blocks in rural community health services: An integrative reviewStockton, DA; Fowler, C; Debono, D; Travaglia, J
2021-01-19The Feeding Practices and Structure Questionnaire: development and validation of age appropriate versions for infants and toddlersJansen, E; Russell, CG; Appleton, J; Byrne, R; Daniels, LA; Fowler, C; Rossiter, C; Mallan, KM
2021-01-01An Integrative Review of Home Visiting Programs for Mothers and Infants from Birth to 12 Months in Developed and Underdeveloped CountriesNgaya-An, FV; De Torres, RQ; Tejero, LMS; Fowler, C
2020-12-08"Becoming an independent feeder": infant's transition in solid food introduction through baby-led weaning.Utami, AF; Wanda, D; Hayati, H; Fowler, C
2020-11-12Hospital admission for mental illness: Comparing women who gave birth in a private hospital and a public hospital.Sims, D; Xu, F; Fowler, C; Catling, C