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27-Dec-2017Infant formula feeding practices and the role of advice and support: an exploratory qualitative studyFowler, CM; Apple, J; Denny-Wilson, E; Laws, R; Campbell, K; Russell, CG
Apr-2015Health promotion interventions to prevent early childhood human influenza at the household level: a realist review to identify implications for programmes in Hong KongLam, Y; Dawson, A; Fowler, CM
Jun-2014Friend or foe? An exploratory study of Australian parents' use of asynchronous discussion boards in childhood obesityAppleton, J; Fowler, CM; Brown, N
7-May-2014Parenting approaches and digital technology use of preschool age children in a Chinese communityWu, CS; Fowler, CM; Lam, WY; Wong, HT; Wong, CH; Loke, AY
Jan-2014Participatory action research: Involving students in parent educationFowler, CM; Wu, C; Lam, W
2014The Role of Ayod Community Health Teams in Promoting Maternal and Infant Health in a Municipality in Ifugao, PhilippinesNgaya-an, F; Fowler, CM
Sep-2013Understanding partnership practice in child and family nursing through the concept of practice architecturesHopwood, N; Fowler, CM; Lee, A; Rossiter, C; Bigsby, M
Jan-2013Integrating parenting support in alcohol and drug treatment program for mothers and their children: a study of practice innovationRossiter, C; Fowler, CM; Dunston, R; Sherwood, J; Day, C
17-Dec-2012Supporting depressed mothers at home: their views on an innovative relationship-based interventionRossiter, C; Fowler, CM; McMahon, C; Kowalenko, N
Dec-2012Partners in Hope: an innovative program to support mothers affected by alcohol and drug dependence and their childrenFowler, CM; Rossiter, C; Day, C; Lee, A
Dec-2012Sweet-tasting solutions for needle-related procedural pain in infants one month to one year of ageKassab, M; Foster, JP; Foureur, M; Fowler, CM
Nov-2012Working in partnership with parents: the experience and challenge of practice innovation in child and family health nursingFowler, CM; Rossiter, C; Bigsby, M; Hopwood, N; Lee, A; Dunston, R
7-Oct-2012Reciprocal learning in partnership practice: an exploratory study of a home visiting program for mothers with depressionFowler, CM; Dunston, R; Lee, A; Rossiter, C; McKenzie, JA
6-Jun-2012Seeing is Believing: An Embodied Pedagogy of 'Doing Partnership' in Child and Family HealthLee, A; Dunston, R; Fowler, CM; Hager, P; Lee, A; Reich, A
Mar-2012A double-blind randomised controlled trial of 25% oral glucose for pain relief in 2-month old infants undergoing immunisationKassab, M; Sheehy, AD; King, MT; Fowler, CM; Foureur, M
Feb-2012The Effectiveness of Glucose in Reducing Needle-Related Procedural Pain in InfantsKassab, M; Roydhouse, J; Fowler, CM; Foureur, M
Jan-2012Parent satisfaction with early parenting residential services: a telephone interview studyFowler, CM; Rossiter, C; Maddox, J; Dignam, DM; Briggs, CJ; DeGuio, A; Kookarkin, JL
Jan-2012Bed-sharing with infants in a time of SIDS awarenessHomer, CS; Armari, E; Fowler, CM
Jan-2012Child and adolescent psychiatric nursing and the 'plastic man': Reflections on the implementation of change drawing insights from Lewin's theory of planned changeMcGarry, DE; Cashin, AJ; Fowler, CM
Jan-2012Migration of women from the Philippines: Implication for healthcare deliveriesTejero, LM; Fowler, CM