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Jan-2013Office Size of Big 4 Auditors and Client RestatementsFrancis, JR; Michas, PN; Yu, MD
Jan-2013The Contagion Effect of Low-Quality AuditsFrancis, JR; Michas, PN
Jan-2013Does Audit Market Concentration Harm the Quality of Audited Earnings? Evidence from Audit Markets in 42 CountriesFrancis, JR; Michas, PN; Seavey, SE
Jan-2012Selection Models in Accounting ResearchLennox, C; Francis, JR; Wang, Z
Jan-2011Auditing without bordersFrancis, JR
Jan-2011A Framework for Understanding and Researching Audit QualityFrancis, JR
Jan-2011The Relative Importance of Firm Incentives versus Country Factors in the Demand for Assurance Services by Private EntitiesFrancis, JR; Khurana, IK; Martin, X; Pereira, R
Jan-2010Acquisition profitability and timely loss recognitionFrancis, JR; Martin, X
Jan-2009Does Corporate Transparency Contribute to Efficient Resource Allocation?Francis, JR; Huang, S; Khurana, IK; Pereira, R
Jan-2009Big 4 Office Size and Audit QualityFrancis, JR; Yu, MD
Jan-2009Assessing France's Joint Audit Requirement: Are Two Heads Better than One?Francis, JR; Richard, C; Vanstraeln, A
Jan-2008The Role of Firm-Specific Incentives and Country Factors in Explaining Voluntary IAS Adoptions: Evidence from Private FirmsFrancis, JR; Khurana, IK; Martin, X; Pereira, R
Jan-2008The Joint Effect of Investor Protection and Big 4 Audits on Earnings Quality around the WorldFrancis, JR; Wang, D
Jan-2006What matters in audit pricing: industry specialization or overall market leadership?Ferguson, AC; Francis, JR; Stokes, D
Jan-2003The effects of firm-wide and office-level industry expertise on audit pricingFerguson, AC; Francis, JR; Stokes, D
Jan-1995Auditor brand name reputation and industry specialisationsCraswell, A; Francis, JR; Taylor, SL